Fastek Plumbing Welcomes New Plumber In Spartanburg SC

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on May 29, 2016

plumbers toolThere is a new plumbing company in Spartanburg SC! They are a similar company to us and offer services such as drainage cleaning, sewer repairs, heating replacement and repair, garbage disposal servicing and many others.

At some point in life, you may have, or you will experience a dilemma of calling in a professional to fix a plumbing problem or doing it yourself. Like many people, you may prefer to repair the problem, but this option is not always the wisest choice. Many people assume their commercial or residential need is just a minor leak or jog, but may be resulting from a much larger issue. You can reduce or eliminate a more costly bill by considering proactive measures of calling a plumbing company rather than trying to repair the problem yourself.

Plumbing companies supply professionals who are certified and specially trained to know the latest techniques and skills that they can use to fix plumbing problems right the first time. They can offer replacement or repair of leaky or broken pipes, clear sewer lines and clogged water, and check for safety issues that may arise during the time of natural disaster. In fact, what we have mentioned so far is just a tip of the iceberg of services that a professional plumber provides, and this article will highlight several other services that these experts are able and ready to provide.

Residential Plumbers Serving Spartanburg SC

Homeowners can expect friendly, courteous, effect and affordable residential plumbing service from our team. The experts stand behind their work and go an extra mile to ensure that they complete the job as quick as possible so that the clients can get back to enjoying their homes. Here are some of the residential services they offer.

1. Clogged drains

These drains can turn out to be a serious nuisance. Facing a clogged drain anywhere in your house from bathroom to kitchen can cause many sorts of problems such as slowing you down and leaving unwanted residue behind. The following signs will help you identify a clogged drain.

  • Water backing out of a sink drain
  • Pools of water beginning to form around shower drains
  • Toilet water bubbles when running the sink
  • The kitchen sinks area producing a smell of rotting food

2. Drain cleaning services

Besides the emergency service for clogged drains, an expert plumber can also provide preventive drain cleaning service. Here are some of the cleaning services our team offer:

  • Bathroom drains: With time, this drainage can suffer a severe damage from bathroom products such as soap buildup, hair, toothpaste, toilet paper, and grime, and this can result in major plumbing issues.
  • Kitchen drains: Buildups from substances going down your kitchen drains such as fats, soaps, food, and grease can clog the inner walls of your kitchen causing an unwanted blockage.
  • Utility room drains: Debris, dirt, and other messes can fill up your floor drains in utility rooms or basements, increasing the chance of flooding or poor drainage.

3. Sewer system backups

There are several pipe threats, such as debris and tree roots, that can be extremely destructive to your septic and sewer systems. Plumbers have the necessary skills to re-pipe and repair all types of plumbing systems while accommodating your property layouts. You must call a plumbing company immediately after detecting a warning sign of sewer system backup to prevent it from threatening your health or damaging your property.

4. Water heater replacement and repairs

Is it the time to replace the timeworn water heater with a new system? A qualified plumber will be ready to help you! Besides, they guarantee you a fast, efficient and affordable water heater replacement that is compliant with the mandated energy efficiency standards.

Furthermore, you should expect to carry out some amount of repair on your water heater as you continue to use it day in and day out. A professional plumber will also help you to determine which is the best option between repairing and replacing it.

5. Other home plumbing problems

Most of the homeowners are on a tight budget and tend to push plumbing problems to the bottom of the list. In fact, they only think about plumbing issues when facing an emergency. As a result, the leaking pipes end up being a more costly headache or a clogged drain becomes a major water damage problem.

Here are some more examples of the countless plumbing issues that can cause harm to your property, wasting much of your money.

  • Garbage disposals: Your garbage disposal may be broken or jammed when you dispose of sticky, starchy, or stringy foods.
  • Hydronic heating: These are flexible plastic tubing used to circulate hot water below the room’s flooring to heat up the house during colder seasons. Unluckily, you may experience issues such as boil-over, pipe leaks, breakdowns and pipe freeze that require a plumbing company.
  • Sump and well pumps: The work of this system is to remove water from unwanted areas like re-routing water away from your property.
  • Venting: A certified plumber will help you to ensure proper ventilation in your room by advising you on a safer ventilation method. Adequate ventilation keeps the air inside your house clear of harmful fumes and moisture, besides increasing your comfort by reducing humidity levels.

If you are located in the wonderful city of Spartanburg in South Carolina, you can connect with great plumbers here:

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