Fastek Plumbing Ordered New Custom Embroidered Hats

Posted by in Business, on June 4, 2016

custom embroidered Nike hatFastek Plumbing has been wearing the same emblem and the same headwear for 10 years now. We decided that it was time for a change. We decided to order custom embroidered hats from Cover Your Head. They have been providing custom headwear for a while now and create top quality headwear for businesses and individuals. They embroidered our logo and emblems onto the front, back and sides of the baseball hat and you can choose your custom colors as well. We decided to use a high thread count with the custom hats we ordered. Chris shipped us a sample hat and we were able to see the quality of the material and the type of hat we would be receiving. We were so pleased with the quality of the hats that we ordered 1 hat for every employee and staff. If you are looking for custom embroidered hats, you can stop by our shop and look at our new hats or you can lookup Cover Your Head online.

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