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A brief video about all the tools you will need to be successful in the world of plumbing. For more information please visit:

Big up yourselves, and welcome to today’s video. Now, there’s a few of you out there who’ve been requesting that I do a video about plumbing tools. And you know me, I love plumbing tools about as much as I love jazz music, and that is a lot. So let’s take a look at what tools I have in the van on a daily basis. Now as a plumber, the two most common tools you’re gonna use on a daily basis are gonna be these.
This is a pair of grips, that you use to grip pipe, fittings, customers. And this is a set of adjustable spanners. They can get on most sizes of nut and they’re just amazing, so they’re the first things I’d use. Next, a tape measure. Really, really important. Always measure twice and cut once, that’s what they say. Really handy for measuring the length of pipe, measuring whether a bath’s gonna fit in a certain space. Measuring tapes are just absolutely integral in a day of plumbing. Screws and screwdrivers. This is a tap spanner, a little tap tube spanner. That takes off the bottom nuts of taps.
This here is a square key. Really handy for taking apart gas cupboards on the outsides, and also for loosening off drain offs on heating systems. You know, to drain off the water out of a heating system, they’re really handy for that.
Spirit level. If you try and do anything without a spirit level, you don’t really deserve to even have an attempt. So don’t do anything without a spirit level.
If you’re getting a bit more serious about your plumbing you could get yourself what I’ve got here. It’s a pipe bender, that bends millimetre and millimetre pipe, which are the two standard pipe sizes you’ll get in the UK.
Next, a floorboard saw. Nice and short. You can start off cutting down the grooves of floorboards real easy with this. Always make sure when you’re using a floorboard saw that you know what’s under the floorboards you’re cutting. Otherwise you can go through a water pipe, or even worse, you could go through an electricity cable and give yourself a nasty shock.
Mastic gun. You can gut the nozzles off to different sizes. They’ll make the job look really good. Take your time over masticking. Which reminds me, when you’re doing any kind of masticking work, always get yourself a former. Always make sure you’ve got loads of blue roll or toilet roll. Look at that, all those different sizes on that former. Highly recommend silicone and a former.
This thing I absolutely love. I don’t know what I’d do without this, it’s just great. This is a handy one for when you’re draining damn radiators. If my finger is the radiator pipe, and on the top of it we had a radiator valve, pop that ’round the pipe. The water will leak down there and off into a bucket so you can drain the water out of the radiator and not create a flood.
PTFE tape. Use this on olives, but mainly use this for doing threads. So you wrap it ’round a thread of a fitting and that will make it water tight. This stuff’s amazing. Really, really good. So, I highly recommend you keep this, get loads of it.
For soldering, get yourself some flux and get yourself a good flux brush as well. Maybe you can see, this has seen better days, but a good flux brush is really good. Always wear breathing apparatus when you’re using this stuff, because it is an acid. And also make sure the room is fully ventilated, and wear gloves and all that sort of stuff. Solder, obviously you’re gonna need this stuff if you wanna do any soldering. I’m pretty much using lead free solder all the time now. It does take a little longer to run than leaded solder, but you can only use that on potable water supplies in the UK at the moment. So you’re gonna have to use this anyway, so get some of that.
And you’re gonna need a soldering torch. I’ve got one of the yellow butane bottles here, which are a lot hotter. Always spend a little bit of money as well when it comes to the blowtorch. Don’t get a cheap one ’cause the flame just goes everywhere. If you buy a more expensive one, the flame is a lot more directed, you can control it a lot more, and your jobs are gonna be a lot more successful. So, you know, beautiful, excellent flame. Look at that, how directed that is.
Extension lead, hammer and bolster, chisels, drill bits. Heat mat. Protective glasses. Mask, gloves. This always works well when you’re in there, yeah? Pop the torch in and you can see about. Tap washers. Hole cutters. Hacksaw. Electric tester, this is really important. Really, really, really important.
And then of course the totally obvious tools that I’ve almost forgotten, like pipe cutters. Wind in and out, pop around your pipe, swivel it ’round and ’round.

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