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This video covers the best way to install a bath. It’s worked for us hundreds of times and should for you too! We cover removing the old bath, attaching the legs to the new bath and using a spirit level to level the new bath. We also cover fixing it to the wall and using glue and adhesive to seal it tight before tiling.

Welcome to today’s video. This video is gonna very, very quickly show you how to, basically, put a new bath in. This one here is temporarily in already. As you can see they’ve had lots of work done to this room. So we’re just gonna whip this bath out the way. Then I’m gonna get the new bath ready with a lovely new set of legs and we’re gonna put it in here, we’re gonna stick it in and glue it on. So I hope you enjoy today’s video and I hope you learn a little it about how to fix your bath in. If you want to know about the other bits, we’ve done videos on that already and I’ll leave links to that in the description below. I speak to thee later. Hold tight.
♫ We’ve got the water off ♫ So first thing to do is disconnect the water Fortunately, the water here is on flexibles. So it’s even easier. Right, if we go under here you’ll see, praise be to god, there’s actually a flexible going off the inch and a half waste off the bath. So all I’m going to do for now is just slacken this beast off here and let that drop down. With any luck we won’t have to do a lot of hard work to get the new bath in. Oh yeah.
Anyway, right so, while that’s going, I’m gonna lift this out. Right, so now we’ve got the old bath out, we can set about clearing up in there and preparing the new bath and hope that the kids are actually quiet for 10 minutes.
So we got the bath out, yeah? We’ve got the flexi pipe here that makes this tutorial so much easier. And also I’ve had a lovely bit of cake, so they’re learning. I’ve got cake and a cup of coffee, so we’re doing well. Anyway, before I continue, this bit of pipe back here, that’s gonna be behind the bath, is frankly bloody awful. So I wanna just get that clipped up back to the wall. Make that look nice before I carry on so that it looks something like this. Beautiful, huh? I mean, this is what it’s all about. Making it better. We’ve got a proper little leader valve on ‘ere that they can get to from under the bath.
So then pop the panel off and get it off there because that’s all there is. And I cannot be bothered to get my dyes out to redo all the inch and a half they’ve got over there. So that’s a much better set up. Nice and clipped to the wall. So now we can get our new bath and prepare it to go in this gap here. It’s gonna be great. Right, so we’ve got a new bath in here now and we’re going to get this all ready. If you are a woman, right, and you’re doing this, read the instructions, okay? Inwardly digest them and then do it right first time. If you’re a man, completely ignore the instructions, throw them away and get it wrong. So just read the instructions, that’s what I’m saying. And I’m always gettin’ told off by my wife for not reading the instructions. I’ve read them already, by the way, and I’m now ready to do the first stage of this next part of the job.
And that’s basically get all the legs on this bath. Right, so nice baths have a central weight-bearing point about here, and then a bar across the bottom here at the end, and a bar across here for the end there. But then some baths will have a bar that will attach here on this side, go over, pin there, and then pin over the other side and they do that in three places as well. This is a much more common way of new baths being installed these days. So firstly watch how I put the middle bit in. Right, so first things first is I’m gonna get my nut on my central and wind this down, okay? Then I’m actually I’m gonna push my new foot through here now, and get this nut on now because it would be easier to do this now rather than later. And just make it so it’s just hand tight. And then hope the kids don’t scream their heads off. This is the middle of the bath here, and the middle of the bath like that as well. So make sure you use the right length screws. If you use the wrong length screws, it will go straight through the bath. You don’t wanna do that. So you get your screws just on here like so. Right, and that’s the middle one on. Right, so now I want to get my next panel here, okay? And that’s going to be, I’m probably just pop that about there like so, okay? And then I’m gonna pop some screws in here and here and here, and get this bit on. Right, and once you’ve got these in like this, once you’ve got the end in like that, you can pop your first thread through here like so.

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