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Posted by in Plumber Talk, on March 9, 2017

How compression fittings work. Where to buy them online and how to fix them if they leak. Plumbing tips. honest reviews and advice
this instruction video will show you how
compression fitting works and how to
tighten and install one successfully
here we are using 15 millimeter
isolation valve with compression ends
the body has a taper into which the olive sits
the tightening nut also has a taper
as the nut is tightened the two tapers force the olive to bite onto the pipe
creating a watertight seal
so insert your pipe making sure it is undamaged into the fitting
push the olive and nut up to the fitting and tighten with your hands
using a pair of grips and a spanner tighten the nut one whole turn or until tight
if we remove the pipe we can see the
olive is now tight on the pipe
sometimes you can add PTFE tape to really make sure of a good seal.
and that’s how a compression fixing works
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