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Posted by in Plumber Talk, on March 23, 2017

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Episode 2 on How To Install a Wash Basin. This video covers the Basin Tap. How to install it safely on the wash basin and how to make it water tight.

Episode 2 of fitting a basin water basin or wash basin
to a wall. Now, if you’d watched episode 1 you’d have found out how to fit
a basin waste together,
Now, the next bit is the tap itself. Because we’ve got a pop-up waste on this the tap
has a small hole just down the back there, that you can see
for our little pop-up waste rod to go into
But first let’s have a look at the tap itself. We’ve got our two
pipes here that start off in 10mm and then go out to 15mm which is
standard size pipe. They have small threads
in there with a rubber washer around the outside that creates a watertight seal. Now we’ve also got these holes here. Now, what they are
is small bolts that will go through and actually clamp
onto the bottom of the basin.
Let’s show you how you do it. So here’s the tap, we’ve got our small
first rod here. Just screw that in there like so.
And the next one. Pop that in, tighten them up
as far as they’ll go. Then remove these 2 nuts and put them nice and safely out the way ‘cos we’re gonna need them in a minute.
This particular tap comes with a nice little collar that makes good
any outside hole, if the hole on the basin’s too big. Pop that
round here. That sits nice and snugly on there like that. Then our tap. Insert it through the hole here like that and hold it on the other side.
Slide down a protective rubber washer and put it so that it’s
over the 2 bolts. Do the same with the metal one.
Now pop on our holding nuts and do them up tight.
Right, we’re getting there now. The waste’s in, the tap’s fixed on
In the next video I’m going to show you how you link these 2 together to get the pop-up waste effect. If you need anymore help go to our website at www.plumberparts.co.uk

Otherwise, watch Episode 3. HOLD TIGHT!!!

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