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This video covers how to change or install a vanity unit basin or sink. We cover the installation of the taps, the waste pipe and trap and copper or plastic pipework. We also cover how to measure up the vanity unit cabinet and cut outs for your pipe. honest reviews and advice.
Boom, and welcome to today’s video. Oh my gawd. So today you’re gonna learn how to fit a vanity unit basin with one of those lovely little cabinets underneath. We’re gonna show you how to fix it to the wall, cut all your pipes and make it nice and neat. So that’s a lovely little instal, and the family that will use it will be happy forever. I hope you enjoy the video, boom. Hold tight.
So this lovely vanity unit that we’ve got here is gonna have this basin on top, like so. Like that pretty much sits on there nice and happily on it’s own, okay. So what we need to do first is basically get the waste installed, get that done, and also get our tap on.
So number one on the list is basically let’s get our tap on. Just watch me nice and quickly do this. This is a standard basin tap, this. As you can see there, we’ve got a nut and everything under there, what you wanna do is you wanna get your rubber on first. With your metal on second, slip that over this nut here, just like so. Pretty much do that up nice and tight.
Right, so once you’ve tightened this beast up here and that’s all done, we can then concentrate on getting our new waste in okay, so this is super easy as well. Where is the waste? Right, so simple lovely and easy. We got our waste here, okay. God this is so god damn easy sometimes, this job. It’s just gonna pop in there like that. Got a rubber seal on there, see that rubber seal goes on there. Make sure that one of your slits faces roughly towards the down bit there. Now we’re gonna delve underground. Tasted like sun.
So what we do, we roll up what’s called a sausage, out of plumber’s mate and run that round here. Okay, run that round and push that up into the gap that we’ve got, okay? Now what I always find really helps, you gotta be quite quick sometimes because in the summertime and this stuff’s hot, like it is now, it sticks to your fingers like mad. Then use the rubber to really push it up and on. Like that, then get that really up in there. And then pop a nut on like so.
So then you’ve got pretty much something like this, okay. What you need to do now is to remove the cap on here, and then that will allow you to get screwdriver and just pop it down in there to hold it steady. Right then you’ll be able to pop screwdriver in there, and that will hold this lot nice and steady, while you tighten up your nut underneath. Once you’ve got that beautifully tightened up and on, you might as well get on your trap now.
Okay, we’re just gonna build up this whole thing first, okay. It’s gonna be lovely and easy when it comes to the next bit. Right so now we’ve got this bit ready. We can lift that off, lay that down here. And now we’re gonna take this bit inside and get this ready to actually instal in the room. Oh yes! So basically right here we go, this is the space we’ve gotta get it in, so we’ve got our first fixed waste pipe here.
So there’s going to be an inch and a quarter pipe going to this, and then we’ve got our hot and cold coming up here. And also we’ve got our cold going across here to a loo. We’re actually going to show you how to change in our next video. We’ve got our wash basin centre line here, so we know we can work off that at the moment.
Right, so the first thing I’m gonna do is elongate this line upwards, our centre line. Because I wanna just be able to see that poking out above our basin in a minute. So we’re gonna measure across here now, so that’s, okay so mil divided by is .. Measure across here, which is just there. Now that means that we can line up with this line here, and then know exactly where to drill our holes and make our gaps for our pipe work.
So now we know that, we can look down here. Little centre line there for that pipe there now. Centre line here for that pipe here. And also the centre line for the pipe going through for our loo. Also we know roughly that we wanna put our waste pipe up through here.
Right then, so now we’ve got that lot marked, we can actually pretty much drill these now. Nice and easily done, get a drill bit that is almost the right size, slightly bigger doesn’t hurt. It’s not the end of the world, because if we do have a bigger gap, it’s not going to be seen, but also we just fill it up with a little bit of CT should we need to.

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