How To Change a Kitchen Tap – Plumbing Tips

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on April 5, 2017

How to change a kitchen tap for real on the job! Learn yourself without hiring a plumber. We cover the special tools you may need and how to use them. We show you under the sink. How to turn the water off. How to remove the old tap and install the new one. How to re connect the water supply without any leaks.


– Honest reviews and advice. Hello and welcome to today’s video. Today we’re gonna take it to the next level. We’re gonna change a kitchen tap. Here’s a kitchen tap in question. It’s got a small drippy drip leak. Also the customer’s having trouble turning this on and off. And they just wanna new tap anyway. Here’s our new tap here. Let’s have a quick look at it. So we’re looking at this, this is the new tap. What they have on the bottom is a standard half inch thread. Small washer, which goes on the underside of the sink, with this nut. Then on top of that a foam plate that allows the tap to get really good seal on top of the sink. There are loads of different ways to connect the tap pipes up to 15mm pipe. You got the flexible type that has a small rubber seal on it, and is flexible obviously. And very easy to fit because you don’t have to have the pipes fully lined up. Or you can have a rigid tap connector, which is a half inch nut with a little collar on it, then either a fiber washer or a rubber washer. This is gonna be a straight change type. We’re not gonna need to use either a flexible or a connector. Hopefully these two pipes, when they get taken off the bottom of this tap, will line up directly with the new tap. But the first thing we have to do is isolate the supplies and make sure all the water is turned off, so when we do come to undo the pipes there’s no water coming out. Good. Now remove everything from under the sink so we can see the pipe connections at the bottom of the kitchen tap and access them easily. So this is what we see underneath. We have our half inch or 15 mil nut head, it holds on the pipes. Surprise there’s two there, and also have the nuts at the top. But let’s have a look at the different types of tools there are to remove these nuts first. Number one. This is one of the very common tools you’ll use to release a nut on a tap. I call it the claw because of it’s claw like capability. This flips back and is also switch over. So you can tighten up and also loosen it off. Very handy when working under a sink. That’ll come up underneath like that and go around. That’s the loosening off one there. If you flip it over the other way you get the tightening up there. That’s how that works. Next we have tube speller with two different sizes. That’ll just come up under there like that and tighten up right so. Really easy. It, yet again, means in a small space you can undo and tighten up these nuts, which is generally way you’re gonna have to work when doing a kitchen tap. And last, but not least, we have a very similar type of tap. This one goes up underneath onto the nut like so and spins round. So say we have our tap just sitting here like that. This will come up from underneath and go on that nut like that and that could loosen it and tighten it up. Of course, as I’ve said, if you’re lucky you can just use a spanner. So first release the nut off. Comes away. Generally it seems it becomes loosen to the point you can use your hands. Get in there and use your hands. That’s fine. I’m gonna try and get this one off here. It’s never an easy job, this. But persist and you will win. Right now do the next one, which is gonna be a little bit more difficult. We might need our tools on this. I’m just trying to get that round here. Then twist it off. There we go, got loose enough. Let me just twist that. Keep twisting that round. A bit of water coming out. There we go and do that same with that nut farther off. Once you’ve released both nuts
at the bottom of each side of the tap, should just be able pull it up and off. Just like that, there we go. Out! Old tap gone. Generally that’s the hardest bit done. Fitting the new tap is gonna be a lot easier. Now is also a good time to clean off any old bits and bobs that were stuck under the old tap. That my new install look even better once it’s in. Before we install this tap I’m gonna show you
how the flexible tap things work. This is a push type one. So it’s push fit. So that just pushes on the 15 mil pipe and that’ll make a seal straight away. This end is the same size as what we’re gonna be screwing onto in a minute. That just goes around the end of your tap. Like so. And tightens up. You can generally tighten these hand tight because they’ve got a rubber seal inside. They seal really, really well and water tight seals aren’t really that hard to come by with these. Well at the next stage, after that’s all cleaned, is to put the tap in place like that.

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