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This video covers how to install a toilet. Includes how to remove a toilet bowl or pan and cistern and install the new ones. How to attach them safely to the floor and wall. How to seal a 4 inch waste pipe. How to disconnect and reconnect the cold water supply.

Today I’m going to tell you how to remove and install your toilet. This is a closed coupled cistern toilet and it’s going to be absolutely mental. First up, remove the lid to your toilet. Next, turn off the water supply. To make sure the water supply is properly isolated just flush the toilet and you should notice that it isn’t filling up. So, as you can see there, not filling up. You’ll now notice that there’s about an inch worth of water in the bottom of the cistern. Now, it’s really handy that you get this out before you do any more work otherwise you’ll get water everywhere. Now, fortunately for me, I have a wet vac, so I could just vacuum it out, but you’re probably not going to have that facility. The best thing to do is grab yourself a towel, put your towel in there, have a bucket and keep wringing your towel out into the bucket. Do the same with the toilet bowl as well and make sure you just got the cistern and the bowl as empty of water as you possible can get before you move onto the next step. Get rid of all the water that you possibly can. Now to the toilet bowl. When you do it, wear some gloves, even though it’s probably going to be your own poo juice anyway. Now you’ve empty the cistern and the toilet bowl of water we can move on to the next stage which is disconnecting the water supply to the toilet itself. It’s really easy to see on this toilet it’s just this flexible bit here. So, you get a pair of adjustables and just loosen that off. You might need a small towel just to catch any water that’s still sitting up in the valve, just to make sure we don’t have a small flood. Fortunately, there’s nothing in there. Brilliant. Most cisterns have a way of actually holding the cistern to the wall. On this one here we’ve got these two screws here. Remove them and then we can move on to the next stage. Now it’s time to remove the cistern from the toilet itself. So you go down underneath the cistern. You’ll find two little wingnuts. Undo those and you’ll be able to rip the cistern off from the toilet. Undo the one on this side as well. So we’ve undone those two wingnut underneath. We should now just be able to life up the system, like so. Take it outside. Now that we’ve removed the system from the toilet we actually have to get the toilet up itself. We’re lucky in this house because the toilet waste pipe going out the back is on a flexible multiquick. Now it’s probably best you go and buy one of these yourself cause they’re really easy to fit next time around, rather than actually doing rigid four inch pipe work. Most toilets are held down by a couple of screws and a bit of silicon, so remove those screws, cut the silicon and you should be able to lift the toilet up and out of the way. Just watch me do it. So you get your screws here. Once you’ve removed the screws gently take off the soil pipe off the back of the toilet. You should be able to remove it and take it away. One thing I’d recommend at this point is getting some paper, don’t look, hold the soil pipe and look way and just push your paper in there so there’s no smell. By the way, you might need therapy after doing this bit. Now that you’ve got the toilet out of the way we can now prepare the area for the new toilet. Just give everywhere a good clean. Get all the debris out of the way. As with a lot of bathroom jobs, me as the plumber, I now have to wait for the tilers to come in and do their bit, get the floor down, before I can actually fit the toilet. I’ll be back here in a week, but for you it will feel like a second. We’ve got the new toilet here now. The floor’s been laid so we’re ready to put the toilet back in to the old pipe work, marry all that properly. The first thing we’ve got to do is actually fix the toilet to the floor and this one’s got the internal L shaped clamps. Now, a lot of toilets, what you need to do is screw two screws down through the porcelain into the floor. Because we’ve got these L shaped clamps we’ve got to do a little bit of measuring to make sure they’re in the right place. So, the first thing we do is get the toilet into the position that we want it to be in. Push the waste back on. We’re very lucky we’ve got that flexible waste. Push the toilet back to the wall, exactly to where you want it to be. Then we get a small pencil and make a tiny mark next to each one of the holes. Disconnect the toilet and the waste from where it needs to be. Next, put the toilet upside down and get a couple of screws just to hold this roughly in place.

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