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A step by step guide on how to change your kitchen sink. We show you how easy it is to replace your kitchen sink yourself! From turning off the water and disconnecting the hot and cold water pipes, to removing the waste pipe, under-sink clips to your worktop, even if there’s a dishwasher in the way, we do it!



Right, so the first thing you’re gonna wanna do is turn the hot and cold water supply off to your sink. It’s easy on this one here. Our hot and cold are just to the back thereNow, we’ve got the water off and we’re happy with that. I’ve got that tap open up there. We know we’ve done that properly. We’re just gonna slack it off and really what I often do when it comes to this sort of thing, is just take your traps out. Don’t have them hanging there in the way ’cause they’re just gonna be of no use on this side we’re on and just sit them to one side.

Make sure, as well, that you tip them out’ cause, as you can see in there we’ve got a bit of water in there. We’re done with thatand as ever don’t tip it down the sink that you’ve just taken the trap out of.(light jazz music)Right, so now we’ve got that bit out of the way. We’ve got to remove these two pipes here. We’ve got two fixes up there, so I’m going to try and slack them two off up there and then we’ll be able to remove that out without having to do loads of work to the pipework either. Always gonna have a little bit of water coming out ’cause there’s going to be a little bit in the pipe. We’ve got out two connectors just taken off there at the back, so they’re ready to lift off.

We’ve got our Insinkerator out of the way. I’m gonna have to take that off and put that on the new bowl and a half, but when it comes to this, your new kitchen sink should be supplied with new ones of these already. So the next bit we gotta do is if you’ve got some, you’re gonna have little brackets like this, so you’re gonna need to unscrew down and then pull the bracket out. Now, we do have the complicating factor as well, that the drain-off is actually hanging over the top of the dishwasher. So sometimes what you might have to do is remove the dishwasher as well and the kickboard underneath if it’s integrated to actually get to those brackets. So as is typical, I’ve just taken in two of them, prize that up a little bit and there are a couple of clamps under that integrated dishwasher there.

So we’ve got to pull this kickboard off here, remove the screws around the inside of the front of the dishwasher, bring that out. Hopefully, they’ve left enough slack on the cold feed and the waste for it as well. All this sort of stuff, makes what seems like a nice, easy job. Some people might message me at Plumberparts and say, “How do I change my kitchen sink?” It’s like, well, come on mate, give us a chance. We’re just gonna slacken them off and take them out, so it looks a little bit more like this. So there you go, they’re in there now just like that. They’ve just all been taken off. I’ve even taken off the bottom clamps. Don’t flip them out of the way ’cause they’ll just get in your way in a minute. So now that we’ve got all those clips on there done, we have a quick basic overview.

Before we took this out, as you can see, I’ve prized it a little bit already. So we’ve turned off the water and removed our water connections. We’ve taken out the waste. Obviously, there’s a Macerator on this one here, an Insinkerator, so we’re now ready just to lightly prize. Just gonna lift this out like that and there we go. Ready for our new sink to go in. Oh my god! While you’ve got the old sink out just give everything a bit of a rubdown. It’s always the difficult side of any plumbing job, taking out the old. Soon as you’ve got all of the old stuff out and you’re putting the new stuff in, new stuff always goes in a lot easier usually. That’s why I was fine. And similarly, when you solder on to an old pipe, when you’re connecting on to an old pipe, they’re always the places where you might get a little bit of a leak, so always keep a good eye there as well.

The next part of the job is to prepare the new one for going in. Don’t just bang your new sink in there straight away. Nothing ever came out of banging quickly. Banging quickly always ends in disappointment. Anyway, so as you can see here, we’ve already got our clamps actually nicely fitted on here already, someone’s cared. So as you can see there all you need to do is to make sure that your clamps on the inside like that. This is the same loads of sinks made like this. You just put that down in there, on to the slot, and you’ll feel a nice and firm click. And that’s in the right position. Look at that.

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