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This video covers how to hang, install and mark out a column radiator. It also includes vertical radiators. We cover the removal of the old radiator, the marking of the wall for wall plugs. The drilling of holes for the brackets. The fixing of the brackets and the hanging of the column radiator. We even show you how to pipe it up in copper pipe and solder end feed fittings. – Honest reviews and advice.
Welcome to the days video. Alright, anyway, what we’re going to do is show you how to fit and hang this column radiator that we’ve got here. Column radiators are usually heavy, they’re lovely to look at. Their convection is not poor, really, but they’re much more of a modern aesthetic thing to have in your house. That doesn’t mean I like to install them. Now, there’s a couple of complicating factorswith this job here. Firstly, the customer actually wants this roughly here, okay? I can use this pipe here for my new TLV on this but the other part that’s at that end is miles away, so we’re gonna have to pull these floorboards up and hopefully we’ll be able to run our pipe up to the new position so it comes up nice and neat. The other complicating factor is the walls. The walls here are like my friend’s dog shit. They’re soft, they stink, and they don’t taste very nice.
So anyway, the first thing I want to do is take this floorboard up and take the old radiator out of the way. I’ve already shut the system down, I’m not an idiot, and I’m assuming if you know how to hang or you want to know how to hang one of these, you know you have to drain the heating system down. It’s very similar to how to hang a bathroom towel rail. There will be a link to that video at the end of this one.
And also, we’ll put a link on how to drain down a pressurised system. Let’s gonna be bloody mental, isn’t it?
So now we put this floorboard up you can see we’ve got our main flow return just here We’ve got our feed into the radiator here, and another one there. And now we’ve drained down, I can probably cut this roughly back here and we can drill a new hole for a new pipe to come up. But, I’m only gonna do that when I’ve hung the new radiator, and I know exactly where I want it to go. So, the next thing I’m gonna do is just rip this radiator off. Now, we’ve disconnected each end, I’ve also put a bit of toilet rodding in each of the holes to stop any black water getting out. We should be able to just lift this off. Oh, lovely, and out of the way.
Now, all we need to do is remove our old radiator piece. So, we’re gonna put a new TRV and set our valves on here. You have to spigots like this that will be what you put into the radiator. Always use Loctite on these and on most threads. It’s better than PTFE. Now you put your thumb on here and hold it like that, and get your first reel or two, just around the front, and then you go up and then you cross, cross wiggle it around a bit, cross, cross, keep wiggling it, and always just crossing and crossing. That’s what locks it in, it’s supposed to be a hemp and paste premix, really, I suppose that’s the best way of describing it. And then, just cut your last little bit off with the little cutter. Do this to both spigots, and then you can wind both of those into the radiator. And then we can look at actually what position we’re going to be putting the radiator in. Gonna wind out the old plug here, and then we got this our new spigot to go in here. Get ourselves an adjustable and just knit that.
Right, so now we’re gonna look at the difficult part of this job. Basically, these radiators hang on brackets that sit on the wall, just like this, okay? They’re very, very simple brackets, a couple of holes in each. This particular company, have lovingly sent us some brackets already. These are expanding plugs. Because these radiators are heavy, you need to make sure you get decent anchorage here. Especially with one this size. What I’ll firstly do, is I’ll get my two bottom brackets and I’ll pop ’em here like that. Then I’ll know how far apart they’re gonna be. And that is 21.5. So I get my pencil out, about to give this girl a shout, Bracket width equals 21.5. For the next bit, you don’t actually have to have the brackets in. Cause we know the centres of the brackets are gonna be the same as the centres for these pipes here. Grab your tape and put down the centre of that pipe there, sometimes you need a little bit of help, someone to give you a hand. Run it down to the centre of this pipe here. That is 143.2. So now we’ve got height equals 143.2. Now much in the same way to the towel rail video and this one, you need to decide actually where you want to hang your radiator.

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