HOW TO REPLACE OR INSTALL A WASH BASIN – Plumbing Tips and Job report

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This video covers the basics of how to change your wash basin. From turning the water off to the taps and removing the plumbing and the old basin. To marking the wall, drilling the holes and installing the new waste pipework and hot and cold water feeds. Enjoy! – Honest reviews and advice
Hello, welcome to today’s video. I’m at possibly one of my very best customer’s houses today. So what we’ve got here today is a very, very small sink that we’re gonna change over for this lovely pedestal here. And all you’re gonna do is sit and watch me do it. So enjoy, and remember, hold tight!
So, number one on the list is to rug this lot out. Don’t wanna get any dirt on the floor. Alright now to make sure the water is turned off. So I’ve turned the cold main off at the main, and I found the hot water stop valve in the errand cupboard. I’ve stopped that and opened all the hot taps and all the cold taps. Pretty much now, all I’m gonna do is remove the two pipes here, the hot and cold feed, remembering which is which. I’m also gonna take out this waste, cause it doesn’t correlate to the new height of the new basin. Here we go, tools time.
Just open up these drainoffs,let all the rest of that water come out. So now it’s finished runnin’ out I’m gonna slacken this nut off here. Beautiful old Prestex fittings. These are quality compression fittings these are. They don’t squeak when they fill up or anything like that. It’s just a dream to find compression fittings like this. Pop off the old top-nut up here. That was easy, plumbers of the world know that can be a right old bum. Now the customer here wants to re-use the old taps on their new basin.
So here we go, we got a bit up here so we’re gonna get our pipe-spanner on there. As you can see we got our tap there, lightly tap spanner. So there’s one off, remember, hot is always on the left. Alright so that’s that out, put that to one side we’re gonna use it later. Lovely brass nut as well. In the days when things were done properly, brass nuts. You know they don’t get crust-ridded. Right, so I’m gonna remove this other bit of part now. The cold pipe. And hopefully that’s gonna come apart just as easy. Even though there’s gonna be a little bit of flex needed. It’d be nice if we could keep all this pipe-work hidden behind the pedestal. It might require a bit of an alteration but we’ll see.
Here we go. These are all comin’ off a dream at the moment. It’s just too easy. I’m warmed up now, this should be easy. Now it’s a matter of a pair of grips or brute force with the hands to, oof, yeah grips. I’m too weak you know? Gettin’ old that’s why I’m down on me knees now. There’s a push-fit on this so I should be able to pull this off. As you can see underneath we got a couple a lovely brackets. Dull and dusted, see ya later old beast. We’re gonna get these old brackets off there. Now pop our new basin on here.
Now I’ll try to get it in. We’re gonna keep the carpet round the bottom of the pedestal. Now often you’d probably maybe cut that away or if it was a vinyl you might cut that away. But on here I’m gonna be able to get decent anchorage point straight through the floor because this is on a concrete floor. We’re gonna sandwich that down nicely. Also while I’m here, look at the top we got a slight issue with these tiles so they’re probably gonna get tiled over. We might just have to put a brand new splashback across the whole of here. So we’ll have a look at that in a minute and see what we think. You often find you’ve got a hole here that you need to mark and there’ll be one on the other side of the underside of the basin. It’s up to you how you do that. You can either try and get your pencil through now or you can run a line across the top of the basin on the wall, and measure out like that. It’s all goin’ pretty well isn’t it? So look around here at the back of this pedestal, you see you’ve got your hole here, another one there. So you wanna mark them two and get ready to drill and plug that before you do anything else. I’m marking, marking the pedestal Right, so a bit that I find super fun is we are now gonna pop on all the lovely bits and bobs for this basin, ready.
So we’ve got a nice little pop-up waste on this one, with a little overflow slot in it. So these are simply a marvellous thing to be able to fit. We get our waste, put it through this hole here. We get ourselves a small sausage of Plumbers Mate. And when I say sausage, that’s exactly what I mean.

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