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A brief description on how to solder copper pipe. How to prepare copper pipe for soldering and how you should do it. Where to buy fittings online from Plumbing Tips, honest reviews and advice


hello and welcome to our tutorial on how to solder copper pipe
to make this a little bit easier you’ll need just a few tools
firstly some pipe cleaner to clean the pipe
a flux brush
a roll of solder lead free for potable water
a tub of flux a wet cloth
a heat mat and a soldering torch
first use your pipe cleaner to clean the
pipe this will aid the soldering process
you can also use a kitchen scouring pad although it will take a little bit
once the pipe is clean use your flux brush to apply flux to the clean areas of
the pipe
now put together the joint you intend to
now reel off a long amount of
this will prevent your hands from being burned by being to close to the heating
now light your gas torch and adjust it to a not too fiercer setting
apply heat evenly over the whole fitting
after a few seconds you should be able to tap the end of the solder and it should melt
into the fitting
add enough solder to create a water tight fitting
when you’ve done this wait a few seconds then use a wet cloth to cool
it off. This will also clean any excess flux from around the fitting.
remove your heat matt and you’re done!
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