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This video will show you how to install a rigid riser shower kit like the ones you see from the old victorian days. We show you how to remove your old one, how to measure and mark for a new one and how to fit it successfully. Honest reviews and advice.
Hello, and welcome to today’s video. My name’s James, and today, we’re gonna be showing you how to install a rigid riser rail shower valve, and it’s gonna be absolutely amazing, so I hope you enjoy. Holla, and welcome to today’s video!
Today we’re gonna be doing a video showing you how to change over an old Colonial shower valve, so, yeah, we’re gonna change this old shower valve over in there, which I don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with it, I mean, what could be wrong with, uh, with that? And, uh, and that? Other than that, it’s in full working condition.
We’ve turned the water off already, we’ve also isolated the power to the shower pump, ’cause this one’s actually fed by a shower pump, and I’m just gonna show you how to take the old one off, measure up and put the new one on, and it’s gonna be absolutely amazing, oh, totally. So yeah, I hope you enjoy the video, and if you have any questions or comments, we’ll talk about that later, yeah? We have questions or comments at the end of the video, not at the start, so let’s go, hold tight!
Right, so the first thing I’m gonna do is, because we’ve got this upright here, and we’re gonna be changing this upright, just slacken off the nut that’s on the upstand. There we go, so, just let all that come out a little bit. Oh, bloody hell. Problem with these panheads is, loads of water always comes out, and you always get wet doin’ it. Let’s hope I don’t get the camera wet, hey, people, that would be a catastrophe!
All right, so now we’ve got this slackened off, this should be able to lift up a little bit. Just let that down like so. That’ll expose the two slotted screws we need to get at. Take them off, and then take this out of the way. Before you slacken off the two nuts on the side, usually you’re gonna find a grub screw on this base plate here, it’s either gonna be an allen key, like we’ve got, or a small slotted screwdriver, so undo that, and that’ll release the main valve body from the base plate on the wall. Right, so now on each side you’ve got a little nut just here, and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna slack each one of these nuts off, like so. Just do both sides, just slacken it off ’til it starts to push a little bit on the valve, you see what it’s doin’ there, sort of movin’ the valve out a little bit.
Right, as soon as it’s got to that point… Go around to the other nut, and undo that. So now that we’ve released that important grub screw and these two, we should be able to just pull the valve body off the pipes and off the wall. There we go, right, there’s the old one off. Right, you’ll always find a couple of screws on the base plate, so you wanna take them off. Give that a little undo. Lovely. Now, at this point, you could use these old nuts and these old wall plates, but they look minging, so what we’re gonna have to do is get these olives off, now, there’s a slight problem, is that these go to push fit fittings, so they twist, okay, so usually I’d actually just wring the olive off normally, if I could, but we’re not gonna be able to do that here, I don’t think, so what I’m gonna have to do is push back this nut, and then very carefully, using a junior hacksaw, I’m just gonna cut across this olive and then pop it off. There we go, that’s come loose now. So I should be able to get a slotted screwdriver in there. And just prize that apart. You see, there’s minimal damage to the pipe there. And then just prize this off as well. Do that to the other side, and then, ’cause I’ve got quite a lot of length of pipe here, and it doesn’t take the risk too much of maybe a cut gettin’ in the way, I’m just gonna get some pipe slicers on here and just cut these back a bit so we got a new bit of pipe to go on. As you can see, the last douchebag who was here used loads of clear silicone, so I’m just gonna spend a few minutes cleanin’ that all up before I get onto the next bit, and I suggest, if you’re removin’ an old shower valve, get yourself a bit of a scrubbing brush and just clean up behind those tiles, ’cause it will make the job look miles better when it’s all finished, so I’m just gonna do that and yeah, see thee in a sec. Right, now we’re gonna measure up the centres for our new bracket, ’cause we’ve gotta pop a new bracket on here. divided by is .. So there’s our centre mark there.

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