How To Join Plastic PVC Pipe – Plumbing Tips

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on May 28, 2017


This video briefly describes how to join PVC pipe together using solvent weld fittings. It covers the use of glue on waste pipe and how to create a water tight seal. For more information visit our website at

Welcome to this video. Today we’re just going to talk very quickly about solvent weld fittings for PVC pipe
and how they work.
So here we have a straight solvent weld fitting here. Now we’ve got a 1/4 inch bit of pipe. Now the pipe will fit inside this nice and happily, but to make it watertight we need to glue it in using some solvent weld glue. A tub of solvent weld glue will usually cost you between £8 and £10 but will last you ages, so it’s well worth the investment and works really really well and creates a watertight seal pretty much 99% of the time. Let’s have a look at how you use it. Right, so every time you open one of the caps on this you have a little paintbrush on the end. We draw a little bit of glue around the outside of the fitting, just like that. Get our other fitting like this, and just push that on there like so. If you leave that for a few seconds, you will soon find that it’s virtually impossible to move and it’s completely sealed. So there you go, it is really simple, solvent weld PVC fittings are very easy to install and put together, and their success rate at no leaks is really really high. If you need any more help or you think we’ve missed something out, do contact us through any of the varied mediums that we have, like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, or our website at, and as ever, subscribe. – Honest reviews

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