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This video covers the installation and function of Fernox’s TF1 Compact. Its the latest edition to the TF1 Range, is smaller and really easy to fit. It’s main advantage over other magnetic filters is it removes both magnetic and non magnetic debris using a spiral or hydrocyclonic action. Anyway enough babble, watch the video and enjoy!


Today will be showing you how to fit the new TF1 Compact which is the
latest addition to the award-winning t f
one range, ENJOY! when you receive your new tf1
compact you have your main unit here, your instruction guide, your washers and service label and last but not least your two isolation valves. Now we’re going to prepare the compact for installation so to re-iterate we have our two rubber sealing washers
and our two isolation valves so firstly we pop our rubber seal inside our valve body
and lightly do up the nut and repeat the same on the other side
so the assembled unit looks like this so lets have a look at the benefits of the TF1 Compact firstly it can fit into small and restricted access spaces – plus it’s versatile it has a 24 position patented twist, click and lock mechanism also the unit has
a powerful nine thousand gauss magnet that works in conjunction with the hydro
cyclonic action to clean magnetic and non magnetic debris from your heating system
so lets have a look at how this works, if we have a look at the side of the inlet outlet port we can get a small slotted screwdriver in here and pull this clip out once you’ve released the locking clip you can pull out the main body from the inlet outlet port
and twist in any of the 24 positions. Once you’ve got it in the position you want it in
push it back in put the clip back in and you’re ready to go. We recommend where possible to that you install the TF1 Compact
on the return pipe to the boiler. If you look on the back of the compact you’ll see an arrow
that denotes which way the flow will be going through the filter
so to show how versatile this unit is we are going to be fitting the filter on this flow pipe here with the flow coming up like that but if this pipe was longer and you had somewhere else to fit it you could easily fit it on there like so and if you did have a problem with height say here twist the filter like that lock it in position so you can still then
remove the magnet for cleaning. Obviously before we begin turn the heating system off and drain it all down to fit the compact you just need to measure out 195 mm and cut out
that length of pipe so now we’ve cut out that length of pipe we can install the TF1
into the current pipework and then tighten up the compression fittings
once we’ve tightened the compression fittings we turn on the valves and make sure that your bleed nipple is closed now we’re ready to fill the heating system once you’ve filled up the system
vent the unit
via the bleed point
So we’ve filled up the heating system and as you’d expect there’s no leaks
now we’re going to show you how to clean and dose the unit as part of the
annual service, LETS GO! Firstly put a bucket under the compact
then turn off your heating system and the two valves immediately remove the magnet
once you’ve removed the magnet then re-open the outlet valve
remove the drain off key and use that to flush through the unit once that’s nicely flushed through close the drain off put the bung back on and tighten that up
replace the magnet move your bucket and open the inlet valve
now re pressurise and reinstate the system as it was before
So there we go we’ve successfully installed the TF1 Compact
we’ve tested the leaks and cleaned out the unit and it’s only taken about five or 10
minutes. You guys have got to remember that protecting a system is only one part
of the job that will stop corrosion
happenings inside the radiators
but it’s the TF1 Compact that actually removes any corrosion that may occur so it’s
really important any time you drain any water out of the heating system you should
see it. We’re going to do that now using the compact affectively as a dosing pot
turn of the heating system and valves. Dissipate any pressure in the compact
remove the bleed nipple altogether using a radiator injector nozzle cut that to size
and insert that into the TF1 compact screw the protector on, open up a valve and then pull the trigger on your protector wait 30 seconds. When you’re finished turn off the valve
and release your express nozzle pop the bleed key back in and then turn on the system
now we need to fill in the service label with the date the TF1
Compact was installed, the date it was protected and your phone number
Stick that where it can be seen by any other engineers

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