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This video covers fitting a tee onto copper or plastic pipe for plumbing. We show you how to measure the amount to cut out and how to finish the job.





This video will show you how to cut a tee into copper pipe. We show you solder tee’s, push fit tee’s and compression fitting tee’s. We show you how to measure and cut the pipe and also the various ways of moving the pipe and springing it out to take your new tee. I hope it helps! PP! Honest reviews and advice.
Welcome to today’s video. My name’s James, and today, this is like the simplest video you could ever, ever think of doing. We’ve been requested to do it by a lovely one of our viewers. He’s said that, “I’m trying to fit a new washing machine and I need to know how to cut a tee into some pipe.” So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna show you there’s a few different ways of doing it. But it’s all about the measurements. So this video is not gonna be very very long at all. In the meantime, if you missed out on our last video, we’re gonna leave a little link to that for you to click on to watch right about here. Alright? So anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s video. It’s gonna be generally one and a half minutes long. And then I’ll have a little chitchat with you at the end, a little bit of a debrief, a little bit of chin wag, let you know what I’ve been up to, all that sort of stuff. Alright, hold tight!
So here we go, let’s just say we’ve done a little mock up here. We’ve got some pipe that we just clipped to the wall, just like so. And we’ve got a few different types of fitting as well. So we’ve got a little hemp wired push-fit fitting and we’ve also got a standard NPT as well. For some reason, I couldn’t find any equal tees in compressions, so just to show you how you actually do your cut, we’ve just got ourselves a little isolation valve just here. Now, the most important thing about this is just measuring how much pipe you cut out, okay? This job can be quite difficult if you don’t have any flex in the pipe. Whereby, what I mean by that is if you cut this, if you just did one cut, and you could just pull them apart, and then pop your tee in and then pop it back together, then that’d be really easy, wouldn’t it? You’d be like, oh my god, I’ve just done it, it was so easy, why do I even have to watch a video? But that pretty much never, ever happens. So, I mean, most plumbers won’t know, I mean, I know exactly how much to take out. If I’m doing a tee, usually the width of your little finger, if you’ve got a finger that’s about a centimetre wide. If you’ve got chubby fingers, then obviously make account for that, alright? Maybe half it out, if you’re a chubby person. Let’s say, right, basically if you’ve got some clips here like this, what you’re gonna need to do, if you want to get your pipe slice around, because really, you should be using a pipe slice for this sort of job. If you’ve got a hacksaw, then you’re not gonna have to worry about it so much. But the thing is, is you’re gonna have to take off and try and remove the old clips, okay? Easy to pop a clip off. You should just get yourself a little slotted screwdriver, get under there like that. As you can see, that clip’s been undone a few times. It’s a little bit knackered. And then what you’re gonna be out to do is just pry us this pipe off just like so. And pretty much then, get your cutter under here like that, okay? And then you use the arrow on your cutter to know which way to rotate it. Anyway, as you’re probably aware, subscribers of old, legends, beasts, gentry of the plumbing world, this is a very very simple video. But let’s just come along and watch it anyway for the ride. I’ve just knelt in a load of water. Oh my god! God, this is turning into a really realistic video. Basically, what I say is, I always go width of the little finger. If you really really want to do it properly, you can get yourself a pencil, pop the tee on the thing, and then basically use the sides of the shoulders of the tee and mark a little bit of pencil line there and there. This is if you don’t have any flex. If you’ve got flex, you don’t have to worry about it. You can just cut it like this. (laughs) Just like that. And then once you’ve cut it, obviously, if you’ve got enough flex, you’ve got a small gap here, we should just be able to grab this bit of pipe or one of these pieces of pipe and pull that away. So once they’re pulled away enough and you can slide your fitting in, so let’s say we’re gonna do this solder fit in here. Obviously we put flux on this.

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