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How automatic air vents work and plumbing tips. We look inside an AAV to let you know how they work and why you use them. We show you where they are usully installed in a plumbing system and the various types of AAV on the market., honest reviews and advice.
Hold tight! And welcome to today’s video. Oh, my God! Today, we’re going to be looking at automatic air vents. Now, you might’ve seen one of these in your heating system somewhere or anywhere that needs air venting from it automatically. This is a bottle-type air vent, so we’re going to have a look at this one today. Also, what I’m going to tell you how to fit these onto your system. And, more importantly, where you’re likely to need to fit them. These can save you a lot of time when it comes to filling up a heating system, and obviously you can see if you have any air locks because they automatically even air out of high-out parts of pipework. So, let’s have a look at where we can fit these in, and also how they work. It’s going to be a bit of a weird video because my wisdom tooth is playing up and it hurts like merry hell. So, I’ve taken loads of painkillers and put stuff on the tooth, so I can actually talk to you normally, which is obviously a great relief for you, but not for my wife. Anyway, let’s go and enjoy the video! And, enjoy learning about these! Hold Tight! So, firstly, the good thing about automatic air vents is, if you have any kind of run of pipe that goes up and down, or up and down like that. A lot of the time, they’ll have an actual manual air vent on top. And, a lot of the time, the complete incomparable idiot who put the system in, didn’t put an automatic air vent in, or any air vent at all. So, another time what you’ll do is you’ll be installing a tee, either soldered or compression, but try to use solder. It’s better. And, then you’re going to instal your automatic air vent in the top, so that can actually let air out of the system. Now, the thing about automatic air vents is, that they’re automatic because they shut themselves off when water comes into the system. Very, very simple how they do it. They have a small float of air inside, so when water comes up to that float, the float lifts up and shuts the valve off. Now, the automatic air vent I’ve got with us today, I’m actually going to cut in half in a minute, so you can have a look inside and gives you a really good idea about how they work. Now, there’s a couple of things you need to remember about automatic air vents. They can sometimes get slightly blocked up at the bottom, which means they don’t fully shut off. Now, they have thought about this and it can happen. Is they’ve left this top nipple or nut, so you can actually undo it and do it up, and actually seal it because they do sometimes go wrong. So, anything with a moving part and especially if you’ve got water in it, they can often clog up and get dirty and go wrong like that. So, you’ll be looking at having an air vent on a high piece like this. There is another thing you need to consider about automatic air vents, especially when they’re near the pump of a heating system. So, if you’ve got your pump here like this and it’s pumping water this way, you really, really, really, really don’t want to put your air vent on here, okay. You do not want your automatic air vent there because what can happen is because it’s pumping water here, it can sometimes drag down our air flow. And, actually allow air to go into the system and off and around. So, you don’t ever want to that. Always try to put your automatic air vent on the pressure side of the pump. You can find that out if you look on the side of your pump yourself. And, I’ve got one here. You can find out which side your pump’s going, and have a small arrow on it like that, and that will tell you. So, we don’t want our air vent here, but we do want it here, okay, because the water’s being pushed and it’ll push that up. So, let’s have a look inside this automatic air vent quickly. And, give you a quick idea about how they work. So, like we said earlier, on firstly, we have our small nipple that we can do up and undo. They’ve very kindly put small holes in the ends of it. So, we can pop this down on here like so. And, tighten that up on to that. And, that will stop any air coming out, should it leak all the the time. Also, on the bottom of this one here, you’ve got straight-on mil compression fitting. Now, a lot of the time you’ll but a new automatic air vent.

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