Aquarium/Pond Plumbing Tips and Tricks- Suction Test

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on July 11, 2017

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Including a Suction Test. Putting parts together using Teflon Tape, Petroleum Jelly, and heat for plumbing and tubing.

Tips we have found helpful working with aquarium and pond plumbing parts over the years.

What’s needed:
1. The parts being put together.
2. Petroleum Jelly
3. Channel locks vise grips
4. Teflon Tape
5. Lighter- if tubing is used

Use Teflon tape on threaded screws. Petroleum Jelly can be applied on top of the tape to help it thread on and off better.

Apply tape counter to the threads nice and thick.

Tighten by hand, and then use the vise grip.

When installing tubing, heat with lighter and also lube the barbs the tubing is going on to. This will make for an easy on and off.

For the suction test. Apply thumb over one in, suck on the other end. Should suck on the lip with no leaks in the pumping.

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