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Posted by in Plumber Talk, on July 16, 2017

This video will show you to use PTFE tape or Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene tape. We show you how to wrap it onto a thread and also which way to wrap it. We show you how to use it on brass and iron threads, plus how to wrap on copper olives.





This video will show you to use PTFE tape or Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene tape. We show you how to wrap it onto a thread and also which way to wrap it.

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Hold tight, and welcome to today’s video. You are gonna learn how to properly use PTFE and not wind it onto a thread like an apprentice, or, let’s face it, a complete idiot. I hope you enjoy the video. Hold tight.
So then, for the purposes of this video, we are gonna have basically a standard radiator insert. Often you’ll find you need to use PTFE tape on these, it’s nice and easy. Now, there are other videos out there where people do this wrong, and it is absolutely tragic to watch. Let me take my glasses off so I can purvey to you how tragic it is to watch someone try and wind PTFE and when they haven’t done it. This is how tragic it is. You ready? This is the wrong way to do it. Put my thumb on here. Oy, that. (laughs) Oh no, no, no, oh. Fortunately, I’m here to help you out and, get off. So, come closer and get involved. So, as with most things in life, it’s basically how you set it up. Like a coffee percolator. Or, I don’t know, a golf ball. But anyway. What most people get wrong is the way they set it up. So you wanna pull off your PTFE right, so it’s facing away from you. So the tag bit here is facing away from you. See that, yeah? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,? You get your bit here, and you pop your thumb on it like so, right? And then, when you wrap it, it won’t go away from you, will it? It will stay tight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Bang. Now, you may notice as well which way I actually wrapped the PTFE round. I wrapped it around in such a way that, when you’re screwing it into a fitting, it won’t actually spew out all the PTFE. Say I’d wrapped it round the wrong way, or say this is like a left hand thread, you’d be pulling it like that and all this PTFE would actually start to unwrap and come off, and you’d be gutted. You’d be like, I’ve done it wrong again. You can have a look over my shoulder now so you can see it from my perspective. So like here we go, you got another one here, take note. Wind this off so it’s like that. Take note of which way the thread wants to go. You want to go with the thread as it’s winding in. Put your thumb on like that. Do you see that, how we are there, yeah? So it’s like that. So it’s always tightening up. You do it the other way around, you’re gonna end up with about a meter’s worth of PTFE in front of you. So then we just wind it up, just like so. Yeah, you got that? Oh my gawd, look at that. I tell you, PTFE is so easy to apply once you’ve had a little bit of practise. I remember the first massive bit of practise I had when I was doing this. I had to PTFE up sprinkler heads, alright? That’s when I was an apprentice. Every time I go into that car park, I look out there and there are the sprinkler heads that I fitted, still there, all those years later. Brings a tear to the eye. So yeah, PTFE, so easy you can do it here. (loud electronic music) It’s so easy. PTFE, doing it right. You can do it right here. (drumming) I mean, I can drum and PTFE. (drumming) Ah, there we go. So anyway, you guys get the gist. It’s real easy to do. PTFE is like a very, very basic plumbing skill, but you really have to do it easy cause you won’t get any wastage. If you need anymore help or anymore information, go to our website, Remember to subscribe to our videos. I mean, we’ve even tried to make a PTFE video interesting, okay? So press the subscribe button. If you can’t bother to do that, how about you follow us at Twitter or at Facebook where we tweet all our videos and obviously retweet loads and loads of photos and post and like and do all that sort of stuff. And also, you can actually share this video. Click on the share bit, do that. Everyone loves that. But then, if you’re still stuck, we’re regularly on Google Helpouts. Go there, and you can actually talk to me personally on a webcam. Don’t worry, I’ll turn my camera off so you don’t have to look at my hideous face, alright? I hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll see you next week.

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