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This video will tell you how to mark out and hang a pedestal basin. From measuring out the right heights to successfully installing and finishing the silicone.

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Hold tight and welcome to today’s video. Today I’m gonna tell you how to fit and install a basin on a pedestal. This can be quite difficult to do. But if you go about it in the right way, it should be fine. You may wonder why I’m wearing glasses, sunglasses and look absolutely amazingly cool. Well the honest truth is that I’m absolutely terrified by this job. If I tell ya, you can’t tell anyone else. But these tiles here are the hardest tiles I’ve ever drilled in my whole life. So I’m gonna try and time-lapse that particular part of the job. Because you don’t wanna see me crying, rolling around on the floor on my back and smacking my belly and basically going completely crazy because it’s so hard to do. So anyway, let’s get on with this job and I hope it all goes well. Let’s go.
So firstly we’ve actually got the waster already. We’ve got the tap in and everything. We’ve also got the pop-up waster already there. I always try to put that in first because once the pedestal is in the way, and you’ve actually fitted here, it’s a nightmare to get all this stuff in. So I recommend you have all that installed. Now, the pedestal actually sits in this groove there.
Get a tape measure from the back of the basin to the front here and you’ll know roughly where to seat your pedestal. Because really to do this properly you need to mock up the whole installation, get a level, get your two holes drilled, and go from there. And then you have to take it all back down again, do your drilling, everything like that and put it all back together, and get your pipes up where you need them. So we’ll do that now and let’s hope that it all goes bonkerly well.
That’s roughly ., away from the wall. Just come up here and have a look there. And we get our centre. So measure across… Where you want it to be, in the centre. That’s inches. That’s like , just there. Lovely. Then use the spirit level and score all the way down the wall. And then draw a line out at a perpendicular angle onto the floor. Also line up, make sure you’re about square where you wanna be. And draw yourself a line out here so you know roughly the centre of your pedestal’s gotta be.
So now we pop this pedestal on the centre. On the centre line just there. And measure out our distance. Once we got that roughly in the right position we can offer up our basin onto there, make sure that’s level and then get our two holes marked for drilling there. Perfect.
So now we pop our level on here and make sure it’s all nice and level, the bubble’s in the middle, and then we can go underneath to mark the two holes. They don’t really fix it to the wall but they do help because obviously most of the weight is actually on the pedestal foot itself. Let’s go in there and do that now. Right so the hole we’re looking for is just here. Let’s just get in there and mark that.
Once you’ve done that on both sides I recommend you also put the waste on quickly now. And also measure the height you want your waste pipe to be if it’s not already there. Once you’ve done that, you can remove the basin and the pedestal and drill a holes through the brutally hard tiles. Right then here we go. A few recommendations when you’re actually cutting tiles. Use a nice decent tile cutter. It’s a brand new one from Bosch. And make sure you keep it wet. And try not to run the drill too quickly. That’s basically a heat does these tips in so keep em cool and always have a little jug of water next to you. You can dip it in every some five or seconds. Here we go. Come on. Just through here. You can do it. You can do it. Come on. Please. Oh my God. Why. Why, why, why. Yes! Yes, come on. I’ve got to do that one more time. And also got to hang a shelf unit up there which is gonna be four of those holes and a toilet roll holder over there which is gonna be another two of those holes. It’s gonna be a long day. Really long. And I hasten to add I’m not going to be filming any of that. Here we go anyway for the next part.
Alright so we got our holes drilled. Our pedestal back where we need it. And then pop our basin on top. Now line up your basin with your holes. But before you fully screw it in it wouldn’t hurt to just get a bit of silicone and just run that along the back of basin to add an extra super fixing to that wall. So do that now then get your hose on up and screw some screws in.

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