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This video will show you how to change an electric shower for a new one. From turning off the electric supply and water, to removing the old shower, marking and drilling the holes for the new one to commissioning the new electric shower.


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Hello and welcome to video. I’m not from the North. We’re looking at this video today, we’re gonna be changing out of this little Triton electric shower for a new type Triton electric shower What I will be taking out here is the Triton T Mark. They don’t make them like they used to. I mean, look at it. It’s the Volvo of the old world of showers. So, yeah, it’s quality. So we’re gonna take that beast out, we’re gonna put a new one in, a nice new sleek, rounded off beautiful Triton Shower, and I’m gonna show you how to do that now. It should be really, really simple. I’m very confident. I’ve done this loads and loads of times, and I know exactly how to isolate everything. So that’s the first thing we’re going to go over. If this video helps you out, then please subscribe. We do videos every week. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and, above all, enjoy the video. Enjoy, I said, enjoy. Did I say enjoy? Yeah, enjoy. Alright, hold tight!
Number one, we’re going to turn the electrics off by turning this bit off here. But that’s not enough. We need to go find the isolation, okay? The actual proper breaker, throw the trip on that, and then we know for sure that there’s not going to be any powering. That doesn’t mean that in a minute I’m not gonna take the cover off, and use my electrical tester to make sure that we’ve cut the power properly. If you look there closely, shower is now switched off.
The next thing I want to do is actually turn off the water supply. All these showers should be fed from the main system, okay? So it’s going to be fed from the main water supply that comes into the house. You usually gonna find that underneath the kitchen sink or somewhere. Hopefully not a place where a plumber has put it that’s in a really hard, difficult to find place. So the next thing is to turn the water off. If you can’t do that, then you can’t carry on with this job. Oh my God! (water running) Right so now I’ve got the water off, I’ve basically got to look for a couple of screws that are usually around the outside. This is always the bit that’s like, well, how do you get this off? How? At the moment, I don’t know. I think I have to pop this front plate off here so it’ll move. Usually you’ll find the screws about one there, one there, one there, one there. On this particular model, the screws are in on the front. Just gonna whip these off now. Here we go, one cover off, pop that out of the way. I’m just gonna use my electrical tester here to make sure that everything’s dead. So pop that on my live. Cool. Everything is definitely dead. Now that I know that the life supply is definitely dead, and that I’m not going to get blown to pieces by a vast amount of electricity going through my brain, I can now remove the wires. As soon as you’ve done the wires, we can then think about slacking off the water supply because we know we’ve already gotten that turned off. Before you do that, you might want to open up the other taps in the house. Just to make sure that all the water pipes have been vented through nicely and you won’t get a load of gushing water coming out in a minute when you come to take that off. It’s nice and easy to find the water supply, just got it in there. Nice little adjustable. adjustable there, so you should be able to undo that easily. That slackened off. Once we’ve got that slackened off, we won’t be able to lift the shower off yet because we’ve got a couple of little screws at the back that we need to undo that hold the actual whole shower to the wall. Once we’ve got them off, basically, we can get the shower off the wall, and start pairing our new shower to go on. So I’ve got them two loose enough now, just gonna get behind here and get the screws undone. And then we should find that we can take off a nice little shower unit. Oh, this is so exciting. It’s getting nice and loose now. Be prepared for a little bit of water to come out at this point as well. You are gonna be draining out a pipe, pretty much. Got a little bit there. Just leave that to run, wait for that to stop. Come on! There we go.

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