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This video will show you how to solder yorkshire / capillary / solder ring fittings to copper pipe. We cover cleaning the pipe, applying flux, heating the fitting with a blow torch and running the solder around.


Hello, welcome to this very quick follow up video on one we did
about soldering copper pipe. Now we are going to cover a different type of copper fitting this is called a yorkshire or capillary fitting. Now if we look very close at this fittingyou will see that it has a very very small ring round here now on the inside of the fitting inside that ring is a ring of solder round the inside which basically means that you
can be super lazy and not have to do a thing called end feeding solder. Put it this way, if you do it like this either you’re in a really tight situation or you’re not a real plumber because look minging when they’re on. Anyway i’ll show you very quickly how they work here we go. So really the soldering process and the cleaning process are much the same as end feed. Just get your pipe cleaner, give the pipe a good clean making sure there is nothing on the pipe, then get a flux brush, as you usually would. give it a generous coating of flux And the same with the capillary fitting itself, just get your flux brush and try and get some flux down the inside of the fitting because this is water soluble flux and when you put any water through it, it will wash away now we push the fitting on like so, and basically all we do we don’t get any real heat on there at all
we light our blow torch, turn it down to a nice even heat, just heat the capillary fitting up
all the way, just try and get the solder to run nicely. It’s running now. See that? A bit underneath so there you go beautifully soldered up that very very nice indeed once you’ve soldered up your capillary fitting and dropped your pipe on the floor just get your wet rag round it like you do any other soldered fitting and give it a good old clean look at that, how clean it is! But they have a horrible ring round the outside, and when they’re on a nice length of copper pipe and you’ve got a load of end feed fittings that look really good
then you got this the ugly duckling fitting that right in the middle of it all that some old boy soldered on there theres one other thing i’d say about these if your standard a standard plumber and you’ve been working in the trade for years you will be guilty of this because i’m guilty of it If I put one of these on a piece of pipe I always run a little bit of end feed into one of these fittings anyway just to make sure even though we don’t need to I hope you found or instruction video enjoyable and it went well with the end feed video a few days ago please subscribe to our videos and facebook and twiiter your way to us
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