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Posted by in Plumber Talk, on October 29, 2017

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This video will tell you how to install an essex flange. We also describe how they work and why you install one (although if you can, install a surry flange – they’re loads easier!) – Honest reviews and advice
Hello, and welcome to today’s video. Today, we’re gonna have a look at essex flanges. They are completely terrifying, because what you’ve gotta do with an essex flange is seal it up on the inside of a hot water tank just like this, with your arm down in there, with a hole drilled in the side of the tank you’ve just bought. They do tend to have a bit of a leaking problem, so you will need to be qualified in circus tricks or juggling, ’cause they are a bit of a nightmare, and I guarantee there’s gonna be an outtake at the end of this video where I drop it in the tank and have to tip all the stuff outta the tank. If that doesn’t happen and there’s no outtake at the end, I’m gonna be amazed. The reason we have an essex flange is, it’s very similar to a surrey flange, apart from it’s fitted into the side of the body of the tank, rather than having a special union at the top, which means you have to screw a hole straight through the tank, to fit it in. So the idea is you don’t get any air going into your shower pump, ’cause it’s drawing water off of a lower point and basically ruining the shower pump impellers. Anyway, let’s have a look at how we do it, and I hope you have a wicked time. Hold tight! So firstly, let’s have a look at the actual essex flange. This rod here allows you to dangle the essex flange through the immersion heater hole, which you haven’t put in yet, through the hole that you drill in the side of your tank, and then, you can put the other side seal on over the top there. On that seal, you’ll put a metal washer, just like that. Then the actual tightening up nut. And you’ll tighten all that up. Now this particular one here goes to a mil or a half inch compression fitting with your standard olive and nut, but they they can go to mil and mil depending on what size you need on the outlet. So, firstly, I’ll show you how to cut the hole and what size to do it at, and we’ll go on from there. So we’ve got the size of the hole cut to here. It’s just about the size of the thread. The closest to the thread as possible is really, really good. And then you’ve got a lot more area around here to seal. So I’m gonna pop that on my drill, then mark and find out exactly where I want to cut that on the tank itself. Now, you’re gonna wanna cut it in all different varying positions on the tank. To be honest, you’re not gonna be able to get it very low down because you’ve gotta get your hand in there, and get that wire through the hole later on. So, find out where you wanna drill it, get one of these, a nice circular cutter drill, this is for metal, and cut yourself your hole. Perfect, we’ve even managed to keep the ring on the end. Ow! The good thing to do now is just to get your O-ring and everything and pick it the right size, and just score round that with a knife, and then cut away a good area around the outside of the nut so you can tighten that up after we’re done. Clean out the hole and try and get as much of the insulation off as you can. If you can, try and get a file in there to file off the burrs on the inside. This’ll help with the seal in a minute. So you should end up with a nice, clean hole ready to use and abuse. Right, so now comes the really difficult bit. We’ve gotta pop this through here, make sure the anchor is on the back like that so this can’t fall off, pop your hand through the immersion heater hole, ’cause that’s the only bit you can get your hand in, just about, and try and feed that through the hole we’ve just cut. Then you’ll pull it through, pull it up tight, put the rubber washer on, the metal washer, and the nut, and then tighten that up and create a seal. Oh, and one other small tip, if you find that this isn’t long enough, put a hook on it and try and find something with an eye that you can pop through your hole and then pull it out and through. So I feed my wire through my hole and get the eye right up by the immersion. Through there, like so. Let’s get that hook on. Try and close the hook, you don’t want anything going wrong right now. Then pull it out. Right, so there we go. There’s it, up against the hole. Soon as you’ve done that, I’d try and leave it on whatever you’ve levered it out with. Next, push up the first seal. Now get your washer, your metal washer. All the time, holding this, all right? You don’t want that to fall back in there. Get that on.

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