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This video will tell you how a to remove and install a push button flush unit on your toilet. How to get a water tight seal and a great flush! We also show you how to fix the new button and get a great working loo!

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This video will tell you how a to remove and install a push button flush unit on your toilet. How to get a water tight seal and a great flush!

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Welcome to this week’s video, and never forgetting HOLLA!’ Today we’re going to have a look at how to change a push button flush unit. It’s exactly the same technique that you’d have when you’re changing a syphon unit, but instead of having the flush handle bit and doing that linkage at the end you have a push button going through the top. So let’s have a look at how to do that now how to turn the water off, how to take everything out and do that. You’re going to have a wicked, rip-roaring time as ever! And it’s really, really warm today. It’s June apparently. I thought June was a Winter month now. Eh! Anyway, let’s go! HOLD TIGHT!
Right, so first thing’s first is take off the linkage at the back…
and remove this bit. While you’re at it you might as well take off the old button then pop this piece to one side. Find out where the water turns off and isolate. Drop your screwdriver! And then when we look inside here you can either lift this up. Alot of them are different. There’s all different types Or you can actually use the pulley on here to make that flush. I often find just holding that up you can make sure that all of the water comes out. Nothing’s filling up. Right, now we’re ready to change. The next bit I’d do is take these two screws out here and then these two wingnuts under here and here and then also remove your cold water feed. Once you’ve removed these just put them to one side. You’re going to need them in a minute. Unscrew these and keep these safe as well, both of them. Now remove the feed to the cistern. You usually get a little bit of water come out here and also
a lot of the time there’ll be a pressure reducing insert that stops the water from coming out. Let’s just feel that. There isn’t one in there at the moment I don’t think.
Right, once you’ve removed these two screws here, the two wingnuts underneath and the water supply we’re ready to lift this off. There’ll be a small bit of water underneath so either pop it in the bucket or in the toilet bowl itself. After that shut the lid of the toilet, pop a towel over the top and then lay the cistern on it’s back there so you can work on it. So the first thing we do, now we’ve got it lying on it’s back is we take these off and peel the donut off. Sometimes you can reuse them. Now these are quite good ones actually so I should be able to reuse this. But alot of the time if you’re doing it it pays off while you’re in the shop just to buy a replacement donut just incase. Pop this lot to one side Get yourself a wacking great set of grips and unscrew this bit. Right, here we go, right, so, Keep this clamp as well. Sometimes when you buy a new donut you’ll get a new clamp and new wingnuts and everything. Now, as you can see here the idiot that installed this in the first place actually put silicon round this so it’s not going to be too easy to get out. Grab the unit from the inside and give it a wiggle and pull it out like so. So now we’ve got that removed we can unpack our new flush unit and get it ready for putting in. Opening it up you have the flush unit itself, another donut if you want but these ones aren’t very good so I don’t intend to use them and the actual new push button bit. We’ll do that bit last. So remove the nut that’s on the bottom here and push up your new seal so its home is the bottom of the flush unit. Push it in to place, through the hole, Pop back on our clamp, then pop our nut on and do that up as tight as we can. Pop our donut back on over that and insert our two little bolts. Remember there’s a small square here on the end of these bolts that slots inside this square here so it doesn’t twist when you’re trying to do them up. Now we’re ready to pop that in being careful to get our bolts and everything through the holes.
Now we pop our wingnuts back on and tighten them up Once they’re tightened up pop our screws that hold it to the wall back in. And then back down here put your feed back on and tighten that up. I always find that now is the best time to turn the water back on and make sure that everything fills up and flushes properly before you start putting the button on. So let’s do that now. No leaks there and filling up nicely.

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