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This video teaches you how to fix a dripping tap or faucet by changing the tap washer. Includes isolating the water supply, stripping down the tap mechanism and changing the tap washer. For more information visit our website at www.plumberparts.co.uk

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This instructional video teaches you how to fix a dripping tap by changing the tap washer. Includes isolating the water supply, stripping down the tap mechanism and changing the tap washer. For more information visit our website at http://www.plumberparts.co.uk

Today, I’m gonna show you how to change a tap washer to stop this tap from leaking. It’s gonna be mental. Right, to achieve success, you’re gonna need a tap washer repair kit, a Phillips head or a crossheaded screwdriver, an adjustable spanner, set of grips, and a small slotted screwdriver there. Right, firstly, we find out where we have to isolate the tap from. That means turn it off. Fortunately this one is right near the cold water main, so we just turn that one off and it should all be okay. Firstly, remove this top cap here with our slotted screwdriver. Put that to one side. Then we remove the head, using our Phillips head screwdriver. Now that opens up the valve mechanism body. Okay, this bit here is the bit we have to remove. So this bit we need to grip this part of the tap, the spout part, with our grips. And then use our adjustables to remove the actual valve mechanism. Now, to stop any damage to the tap itself, I always try to get a small bit of cloth or something like that just to protect the tap from the grip teeth. Otherwise it’ll damage it, it’ll score it. There we go. As you can see they can sometimes be really difficult to get off. And there we go, there’s the washer head that needs changing. Now we got our small slotted screwdriver. Pop that under the seat here, like that. And then try and prise it out. And out it comes. So, looking at the old tap washer, we can actually see the rubber’s quite hard. And that means that’s probably why it was leaking. Now sometimes you’ll find there’ll be a small slit or something like that. Or sometimes the rubber washer will be completely destroyed. Whatever happens, definitely recommend changing this one, that’s what we’re gonna do now. Now is when we need to use our spare tap washers. Make sure that the replacement tap washer you choose is roughly the same size and has roughly the same hole size in it, so it sits on the spindle and doesn’t slip off when you’re using it. We pop this new one back on. That sits nice and comfortably on the valve mechanism. Now we put that back in the tap and test for operation. Pop this back in here. Get our grips again. Just nip that up, nice and tight. And then reassemble in reverse order. Now we’re going back under the sink and turn the water back on.
And test for operation. So there we have it, fixed. Everything’s working absolutely spiffingly. No leaks whatsoever, it’s really good.
Sometimes you’ll find with the mechanism, they can actually rip themselves to pieces inside and they just won’t work anymore. If that’s the case, pop it out, take it down to your local wholesales or plumbers merchant’s and they’ll be able to find you a replacement.
They’re usually very, very common and quite easy to find. I hope you found today’s video helpful. If you need any more help or you think we’ve missed something out or anything like that, tell us on this video or visit our website, plumberparts.co.uk. And as ever, subscribe. Thanks very much guys. See you laters. Plumberparts.co.uk. Honest reviews and advice.

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