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This video covers the basic procedure of how to change an outside tap. If your outside tap is seized or doesn’t shut off properly then this video will guide you throught he basics of removing the old tap, applying thread seal in the form of PTFE tape to the tap and re-attaching the new one to the wall plate., honest reviews and advice.
Hold tight, and welcome to today’s video. This is yet another very simple video that I’ve been requested to do for quite some time. Basically, it is how to whip out and change one of these taps, okay, and it’s also going to lead on to another very quick video, how to properly roll on PTFE. Because I’ve watched apprentices do that loads, and it is an absolute nightmare watching them do it. So, we’ve got this outside tap here, basically completely seized up. Usually I’ll whip this bit out here, but the customer wants a nice new one, so we’re going to take this bit off. As you can see on the bottom of this, it’s got a check valve on it.
Now we’ve got the new one here, check valve on there. That prevents water from going back into the system, so it only goes one way. Blimey. I’ve done that in a video a couple of years ago. But, yeah, so that stops water from going back up through the tap and into the system. We’ve got the water off here already, and so, what we’re doing is, we just need to get our adjustable spanner on here, and sometimes, depending on how good the wall plate is, you might want to get a pair of grips on here to stabilise that when you loosen it off. Now sometimes these can be super tight. Now if that is the case, I’ll probably go and get my torch, my blowtorch, and heat up this here so that expands and loosens it off. But we’ll just see now how easy it is to remove, and hopefully it will come out okay. Oh yeah. Well look at that. So easy. I’ll loosen that off there. Should just be able to whip that out with our hands. We should have a little bit of water’s going to probably pop out here. It’s just coming out of the system, so just let that outside. Oh look, as you can see that’s; that’s given up the ghost. So that’s coming out alright, what a lovely day. Now I’m going to wrap some PTFE on this, sometimes I put Loctite on it, but it should be fine with some PTFE, doesn’t seem to get all around so we’ll see how it goes. Now, I am going to do a video after this, directly after. How to roll PTFE onto a thread, because the reasons, as I said, I even watched a bloke on some instructional video for weeks doing it wrong, and it made me want to cry. Genuinely I wanted to go mental, so, I’m just going to do this, but in the next video I’ll show you exactly how. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh he’s so quick at using PTFE, isn’t he? Oh yeah he is. Oh too many rolls, probably also hear you say. Shut up. Right, so, I’m just going to roll this back in here, and we’re just going to go up, like so. Let’s get nice and tight, let’s get nice and tight now. See if we can get one more turn out of it. There we go, beautiful. There we go, that’s that tap on and done. Just pick off the little bits of PTFE. So there we go, that’s done. I’m just going to go and turn the water back on and test for leaks and also test that this turns on and off alright, which it should do because it’s brand new. Right, so the water’s back on. I’m now going to get a wet knee. This should work. Oh look at that, isn’t that lovely. Oh it’s really coming out. So, you saw how easy it was there to change that over. If you know how to turn your water off, and you know how to get your mains off, and you know how to isolate one of these taps so you can change it, you see how easy it is to do. All you need is, obviously, your spanner, your grips, and some PTFE tape, or some Loctite.
If you need any more help or any more information then let us know, okay, at Also, we do a Helpouts thing on Google Helpouts now. I’ve left a link to that in this video, and also there’s a link to it from our main channel page. I know this has been a bit of a simple video, but our Youtube subscriber heroes, my Twitter terrors, and my Facebook fanatics know that we’ve done loads of other videos on plumbing, and you never know, might help you out as well. So remember to subscribe, and as ever, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We post loads of photos every day, and people love it. I hope you enjoyed today’s video, and I will see you in the next one, which is going to be very soon everybody. Once that’s done, I’m going to plan a holiday away, because I need one, okay? I’ll see everyone soon. Remember everybody, hold tight!

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