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Posted by in Plumber Talk, on November 23, 2017

Household Plumbing Tip #1: Fixing a jammed garbage disposal
Following the following video instructions, you will be able to properly fix your garbage disposal easily without problematic issues. DANGER! DO NOT reach inside a garbage disposal. You may be seriously injured!

Household Plumbing Tip #2: Fixing a clogged sink
Clogged sinks are an occassional annusance. Grease, soap, and food can clog kitchen sinks. Bathroom sinks and drains can be clogged because of hair, toothpaste, or other toilitry items. Fill the sink halfway with water, and use a plunger over the drain to force the clogged through. If unsuccessful, reach under your sinks drain and manually unscrew the plumbing to remove the clog. If the clog can’t be reached, you may need a professional plumber to solve the problem. Make sure if you are using any chemicals to flush your drain you check to see that it won’t wreck your plumbing materials as these chemical mixtures can be too strong for your plumbing.

Household Plumbing Tip #3: Fixing a toilet leak.
The sound of a running toilet is the sound of money going down the drain. To test if you have a leak, put a few drops of food coloring in your toilers tank and waiting to see if any coloring leaks into the toilet bowl. If so, you have confirmed a leaking toilet.

Some More great DIY Tips:

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