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This video is a step by step guide on how to change a toilet seat. From removing the old one without breaking the toilet to installing the new one in the right position. This also includes a slow closing toilet seat. We’ve tried to make it as fun as possible yet informative…enjoy!

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Oh yeah! Hold tight and holler. Welcome to today’s video. Now today we are going back in time. This is something I’m sure we’ve done, but I’ve been asked to do this video a few times over the last couple of weeks by some people who wanna know how, basically we’re gonna have a look at how to change a toilet seat. This is like the simplest one you can do. You can get to the nuts on the underside. There’s no cutting you need to do or anything. So this is like a very common method, okay? So you should easily be able to do it. The reason these people want this toilet seat changed is, from the male perspective, quite obvious. Imagine you’re coming in here at night, say, I don’t know, three in the morning, on a Sunday morning, so you’ve been out for a few beers or whatever, and you really need to go. You lift the edge of the seat up to do wee wees. Again you lift the seat up to do wee wees. Again you have to lift the seat up to do wee wees. And in the end you give up and sit down and do a wee wee like a lady. So that’s the reason we’re changing this now. It’s gonna take us about five minutes. Enjoy!
So, right. We’ve got a new one here, a toilet there. Let’s prepare this, now. Usually, when you buy a toilet seat, a new one, if it was me, always try and go for one with metal gubbins. Okay? Metal attachments. The plastic threads and nuts always sheer off, and they’re just never tight enough. You can’t ever tighten them up enough. And you find out that the loo moves a lot. Basically, pull off the wrapping from the outer part of the loo. If you’re a bloke, completely ignore the instructions. Often you have the instructions on the bag, and they’re pretty self-explanatory, okay?
So, we’ve got that out there. Let’s put this to one side. And delve down to the deep underbelly of the toilet. Dun dun duh nuh. Alright, so, as you can see, we’ve got this bracket here, two brackets here and we have a nice, easy to get out nut here. So basically, what we do, undo this nut. Huh. Well I was pretty lucky there. I’ve managed to remove the whole bolt. So how lucky am I? But usually, you take this nut off here, the plastic nut would come off, this bit here. Let’s see if that happens on this side. You have to do both sides. So, we’ve got our nut here on this. Alright just like the other side. Typical!
Right, so, usually what I do is, most toilet seat holes are the same width, a normal width for everything. So you get out the bits that you need. We’ve got our two little plastic parts there. We’ve got a little nut to do it up there. We’ve got our actual hinges, here. We’ve got our two proper nuts here, right? And these will actually fit nicely into there, so that can do them up. What you wanna do, is you need some sort of way of if whoever’s using the loo keeps missing it, the water to not go down onto the floor, and when I say water, I mean yellow water. So, we put a little plastic bit on here usually. And that will sit up against the porcelain of the loo, and stop any of that lovely yellow water from giving you a lovely yellow floor. I always want my loo to sit forward as much as possible, so we don’t get that rocking forward bit. So, as you can see, there’s an angle on this, so you wanna set that up accordingly. You want it so that’s angled forward like that on the loo. So you want that to go in there like so. So when the loo’s back, it’s really back, you know, so it doesn’t fall forward. So, what I usually do is now make this up, got one here, again we’ve got a little yellow wee stopper. Make sure it’s nice and tight up to the top. Pop that in there. Push that all the way through. Move this. You should pretty much just be able to pop this on like so. For start, already, they’re not falling forward. We’re happy with that there, alright. Or I am anyway. I’m incredibly happy with that being there. Makes my day.
So now we go back under here with our gubbins, okay? What we wanna do is, we want this piece here to go on there like that, on the underside, just plop up there, and then we want our nut to go on. So, it’s kinda fiddly to do, even if you’re not filming a video. So, you’re gonna put that on there. Like that, and then you’re gonna get this nut on. Just like this.

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