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Posted by in Plumber Talk, on December 7, 2017

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How to remove and replace electric showers in your home. How to disconnect water and electric supply safely. How electric showers work. For more information visit our website at http://www.plumberparts.co.uk

Today, I’m going to tell you how to change over your electric shower if it’s gone wrong. This one here has got a crack in it, and therefore it needs changing. We’ve got a new one here, so what we’re gonna do, is disconnect the water, disconnect the power, take the old one off, put the new one on, and screw it to the wall, re-connect the water supply and the electrics, and turn it all back on. Hopefully everything will be wicked, enjoy. First things first, we disconnect the power. Next, and look into my eyes when I say this, check the electrical supply. If you’re not happy to do this, get an electrician to do it for you. Do not do it if you’re not competent. Always use an electrical tester that you’ve tested before and you know works well.
Now, we can remove the electrical supply. Make sure the water supply is switched off. Then you can disconnect the water supply itself. Now that we’ve removed the electrical supply and the water supply, we can then think about removing the electrical shower unit itself. Usually that’s held on by three or four screws on the back plate. Find them, and then remove each one, and you should be able to lift it off the form nice and easily. Unpack the new box, the new shower in there. First thing to do, is to look at the back and see where your water supply comes in. Fortunately, this comes in at the same place, and it’s a push-fit one as well. Also, have a quick look and see where you can undo the front panel, which would be these two screws here, and these two at the top here. Put the lid to one side.
Now we can see we have our electrical connexions here, and our water connexion there, which is moveable, I can twist down, and come out through this small hole here. Now, the best thing to do is try and cover up, as best you can, the holes that were here before. Make sure all your wires are going nicely into your connexion block. Make sure it’s level, and then mark the holes where you need to drill to actually fix this to the wall. Once you’ve got your holes marked, put a nice, big cross on each one, so you can see exactly where you’re gonna drill your new holes. And then get ready to drill them mad.
Once you’ve chosen adequate plugs and bits, make sure you use the right bit size okay for your plug. If it’s too small, obviously the plug won’t go in, and if it’s too big, the plug will just fall straight through and won’t grip to anything. Also, always when doing tiles, use a masonry bit that’s not on hammer, okay. If you do use hammer, the tiles will just fall to pieces. That’s a little tip for you. Once you’ve got all those holes drilled, off-wrap your new electric shower and screw it in. Once you’ve screwed it to the wall, we can reconnect the electrics, but as ever, make sure they’re still off. Never take any chances with electrics. Make sure that your neutrals, earths and lives go where they need to go. Now we can concentrate on reconnecting the 15 millimetre water supply. As I said before, the 15 millimetre water supply in this particular electric shower is a push-fit one, so you just push it in, and then connect that up to the 15 mil supply that’s already there. Once you’ve turned the water back on and that’s all done, put your shower heads back on, and then put the facial panel back on and then you can test for operation.
Right, so, we’ve done the electrics, we’ve done the water, we’ve fitted the shower back to the wall, we’ve put the facial plate back on. Now, let’s give this piece a try. It’s getting lovely and hot. So we go, turn it off, big and large. If you need any more help or information about how to fit electric showers or anything else in the world of plumbing, do let us know.
If you think we’ve missed anything out there, again let us know. As ever, favourite and subscribe to our videos. Alright guys, so thanks
ever so much for watching, and I’ll see you soon, no cameras.
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