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Posted by in Plumber Talk, on December 31, 2017

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A brief video about outdoor boilers and how they work. How they protect themselves from frost and what the pros and cons are to buying one. For information visit our website at http://www.plumberparts.co.uk

Hello, and welcome to this Plumberparts.co.uk video. Today, we’re gonna have a little look at outdoor boilers, okay, and the pros and cons of having one. Basically, if you’re deciding to have one, how it can affect your property. So this is a Grant Vortex Eco external 21 kilowatt boiler. Basically, the first thing you notice all the panels inside are much more insulated from the cold outside so they won’t freeze. So, in the panels on each side and on the top. Inside the boiler is exactly the same as what you’ll get from any kind of kitchen utility boiler or indoor boiler like that. The main difference is they have much more insulation and they also have permanent live supply that goes to a foster; therefore, if inside the boiler, the temperature goes down below freezing or below about five degrees, the frost stat will prove, send a live supply to the pump and the motor and turn the boiler on, prevent it from freezing. There are many advantages to having an outdoor boiler. Firstly, it frees up space in the home and also gets rid of noise. Also, any smells of combustion gases that can be spilled out of the flue and things like that are, basically, got rid of ’cause all those gases are outside.
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