How to Install PEX Pipe in Bathrooms (Quick Tips)

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on January 26, 2018

Learn how to install PEX pipe in bathrooms instead of soldering
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If you’ve never soldered before it can be intimidating. Plus you can easily catch your house on fire – never a good thing.

Today you’ll learn how to install PEX pipe in bathroom. This is a general overview that’ll share quick tips and get you familiar with PEX.

PEX pipes come in 1/2′ or 3/4″ at the local home stores. You can then get all the corresponding PEX crimping rings and fittings.

To effectively use PEX you need a crimping tool. In today’s video I use the SharkBite crimper but there are many different brands. The one downside to the SharkBite crimper are the short handles which prevent good leverage.

It’s pretty simple to use PEX. SharkBite recommends crimp rings be 1/8″ to 1/4″ from the end of the PEX. Slide your crimp ring over the PEX then the fitting into the pipe. Use your crimper at a 90 degree angle to the PEX and compress the crimp ring. It’s that easy.

The video shares how to remove PEX crimp rings if you mess them up. This too is pretty straight forward.

Check out the video for all the details

Hope you liked today’s video. It’s meant to be a high level overview of PEX and why you want to use it.

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