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This video covers how silicone seal a toilet bowl to the floor. It is a great way to finish the job and look brilliant if you get it right – it just takes practise! For more information visit our website and favourite, subscribe and like. Good luck!

Hello, and welcome to today’s video. We are gonna have a look today at siliconing down a toilet. Now, it’s already been fixed down. We’ve already put it in and we’ve tested everything. And usually, siliconing down a toilet is the last bit. So, what I’m gonna do is just do it in front of you and you can take away your own ways and methods from this video. A lot of people use a finger with um, a little bit of fairy liquid and water or just water. I tend to use a former. I find this a lot easier, a lot cleaner. But it does use up a vast amount of toilet roll. So, make sure you’ve got plenty of that about. So, I kind of want to just do it, let’s have a go. Firstly, cut our nozzle to a decent size, at least 6 mil. And then, run a decent bead, not too much though, strait along and under the side of the toilet. Just like that. This is now the time to select what type of
edge you’re going to leave. We’ve got different size off-sets here. Today, I’m just gonna do a cut, which means I’m gonna use a right angled side. Let’s have a go at that and see how it looks.
If you have any bits left then you need to clean it up. Just work your way around the toilet, clearing up as you go. And you should end up with a nice, neat seal just like that. To be honest, it’s very difficult to tell you strait away and have you get great results instantly from a video. Siliconing takes practise and you do need to be patient, as well. But it is the best way to finish off a bathroom and it usually looks really good.
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I hope you enjoyed today’s video and it helped you out and gave you a bit of an insight to how to do siliconing and make it look nice. And if you need any more help, just let us know. Hold tight all my rude boys and girls. Laters. – Honest reviews and advice.

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