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This video shows you how to change your shower bar mixer valve easily if it is faulty or old. This method is best for those of you with a basic level of plumbing DIY.

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Pull up and hold tight. Welcome to today’s video yet again nice and echoey because we are in a tiled bathroom. May names James and this time I’m going to be having a quick look at how to very simply change over a bar mixer like the one we’ve got behind us. The thing is it’s gone wrong okay, it won’t turn on, the stat’s gone completely mental on it, it’s like hot and hold and you what that’s like, you get in the shower “Oh my god, so hot” and if you’re a bloke you can’t shower in the hot water. Men can’t, women, for some reason, made of asbestos. They can shower under any insane, boiling temperatures. I mean I get in the bath after my Missus, dirty water shower and god, I have to put so much cold water in there, god knows how she gets in there, but it seems to be the same for all women.
Anyway, enough of this weirdness! So this bar mixer’s gone wrong here, and what we’re gonna do, I mean usually sometimes what you can do is basically change the cartridges in them, but nowadays it’s sometimes very difficult to find the new cartridges, or the new on and off valves because maybe the shower hasn’t got manufacturer’s names on it, so really for the cost of paying , quid for a new mixer or go through all the time and hassle of actually finding a new cartridge for that, you might as well spend getting on for a hundred quid, and get yourself a brand new full shower mixer. So, we’re changing the one we’ve got over here, and whatever it is it’s not the nicest looking shower mixer in the whole world, and what we’re going to do is change it over with a nice, new, shiny Bristan Frenzy, which means that as soon as you put it in and turn it on, oh, you can have a shower party with loads of other people. It’s going to be frenzied.
Anyway I hope you enjoy today’s video, please subscribe to us, visit us on Facebook and Twitter, and at the end as well we’ll direct you to some videos that we think might help you as well further with any shower installations. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and remember everyone to hold tight!
So the first thing you want to do is make sure, before we buy the new shower is that it’s actually going to fit on the old plate, because we don’t have to rip off loads of tiles and bash the whole lot about, this is all about a nice, quick, straight swap, cost-effective and something that you can do yourself. So, most of them have millimetre centres. I’ve done another video on shower changing over, a couple of years ago and for some reason I kept saying, I don’t know, centimetres, which means the shower bar would be about that wide, but what a shower bar it would be! This one is standard like that, so now I know exactly what type of shower I need to get. Obviously I came to this job a week ago and basically bought the right one. Next what we need to do is turn the hot and cold water off. This one here is supplied by a nice, unvented system so it’s real easy to do, but if it’s supplied by a shower pump or anything like that, make sure that you turn off the shower pump, like find where it is, switch it off and also turn the hot and cold outlets to off. Then before you do anything else, probably a good idea that you can just slap these two nuts off here and make sure that water’s not going to fly out. I can’t turn this one on because at the moment it won’t turn on, it’s the reason we’re changing it, but if you are changing one that turns on all right, just turn the valve on and make sure that water doesn’t come out. If you don’t do that and you don’t make sure it’s all on, we take these two off in a minute, you’re going to get a wet belly and then you’ll get a wet everywhere. Okay, so, next thing we want to do is grab yourself a nice pair of adjustables and just set these two nuts here and remove the old valve. So I suggest a nice adjustable, you’ve got to know which way these go, right. You hear that sucking air in. So there’s that one off, let’s loosen this one off.

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