HOW TO FIT A TOILET SEAT – Type 1 – Plumbing Tips

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on February 4, 2018

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This video covers the simple install of one type of toilet seat. It couldn’t get any easier after this!

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Holla, and welcome to today’s video. Some liken this epic task to Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, or the epic World War Two submarine film Das Boot.
Today we’re gonna fit a toilet seat, and it’s gonna be mental. So, we’ve got two toilet holes here for the toilet seat. We’ve got the new toilet seat just here like this. Here are our two fittings. And this is quite an unusual toilet seat. But most of them are done in one of two ways. You either have the straight up into the bottoms like they are now, or you have two bits that come out, will go like that that you’ll all put together beforehand and you put it all in. It’s a very similar concept but just a slightly different way of doing it.
So if you watch me do it you should get a rough idea about how to do the toilet seat yourself and save yourself a bit of money. Alright, firstly, we’ve gotta pop this little baby in here. Now it sits down like that, and then, as soon as you let go, it will do that, and you’ll have a clamp on the other side. So, let’s pop it through that hole. And then we should definitely now have a clamp there. Do the same with this one here. There we go, we’ve got a clamp there. Now what we need to do is go under this toilet seat, us under here, and tighten these two up. Once these two are tightened up, we should be able to push the toilet seat over, and then lock it using the small allen keys. Once you’ve got those pushed in, use the allen key to actually lock the toilet seat to its brackets. And there you go, a nice, slow-closing toilet seat. It’s actually so slow I might be even be able to finish off this plug before the end. If you’re looking for a different type of toilet seat install, go back to our channel and have a look. This is just one type.
If you need anymore help on anything in the world of plumbing, let us know through Twitter, Facebook, or through our YouTube channel and, as ever, favourite and subscribe. I hope you love it. Aw, it beat me, oh well. I hope you loved it, and I hope you found it as epic as those films I described earlier, and I’ll see you all in the next video. Hold tight! – honest reviews and advice.

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