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This video covers how you can pressurize a hot water supply to all the taps in your house using a single impeller pump. This also can work for the cold supply. If you have a low pressure hot water tap in the kitchen or bathroom, more often than not this method will boost the pressure without any problems. Take into account head pressure and flow over the flow switch before proceeding. honest reviews and advice
Oh a nice little fade in

Holla and welcome to todays video my name’s james and today we gonna have a very quick look through the easy life of a single impeller pump I’m not gonna call it a shower pump because these can be used on different applications
not just on shower but firstly lets pop to the white board and have a look at how they work
now the job we’re going to show you now isn’t one of these it’s not a job
like this. This is kind of the other way that you can use a single impeller pump for
What we’ve got is we’ve got a tank in the loft, and that is feeding water down into the hot water tank
Now coming out of the top we’ve got our expansion pipe that goes back into the loft tank And then we’ve also got our hot water draw off that comes off here and then it literally goes down like that
off to our hot taps and outlets. Now the problem is so look all the hot taps in this system basically just wee out like that with no purpose in life. It’s not good enough So as you can there the kitchen sink that’s miles away is just piddling out
When it comes to the hot water. So what we’re going to do is pop a single impeller pump on this outlet here. So here we are up in the loft.And basically this is were it’s all going to happen.
Becuase there’s a problem with low hot water pressureI said to paul who is the customer who cooks me great food on his bbq I said this could work or it might not as the head pressure could be too low.
I’ve had a look at the system and we do have a head pressure of about 3 meters so thats OK. But the thing is we need an adequate flow of water through the single impeller pump
to open up the flow switch and turn the pump on. So lets have a quick look.
So we’ve got our tank up there that’s mile away up high. We ‘ve got our feed pipe here. From our tank. Thats going to go in the bottom of the hot water tank. Now theres the cold water feed shut off valve.
Then out of the top of our tank we have this that feeds the shower pump, and then we have this pipe here that just went straight through like that. This goes to the hot taps. Now as you saw in the previous video the hot pressure was slow.
But now what we’ve done is is we’ve added a single impeller pump just down here to take hot water from our tank through here pressurize it and blasts it back out there off to all the hot water taps and faucets.
I’m just going to go down through the loft hatch.
So anyway we’re going to go into the kitchen now to test the new hot water pressure.
Oh my god! It’s great! SUCH HIGH PRESSURE
As you can see it lags for a second because it’s waiting for the flow switch to prove.
See it lags then BANG it comes on! Lets check the bath taps. That’s so much better!This tap here looks great too!
What we made sure of was that the head height was OK. We’re looking for 2 or three metres at least!
We then know that it’s very difficult for the pump to draw air into it from the expansion pipe.
So there you go you’ve seen that a single impeller shower pump can be used to pressurize the whole of you hot or cold gravity fed water systems.
I’ve dont this to loads of different houses, and I’ve never had a problem. All my customers keep coming back! OBviously you’ve still got to make sure of those things before I went up into the loft. It’s very important!
Also if you are a plumber, let your customre know that it may not always work!
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**We didn’t install a Surrey Flange until we knew the system was running OK**


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