Convector Radiator Explained – Plumbing Tips

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on February 16, 2018

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A brief explanation of convector radiators. Why they give off more heat due to surface area and why they heat your home more efficiently. Includes single, double and part convecting radiators.

Welcome to Today we’re going to have a look at convecting radiators and the advantages they have over just panel radiators. Right then, if we imagine that this radiator here instead of being this double panel with the convecting fins which are these zig zaggy fins going down the side.Imagine them not there. Imagine all we have is just this strip along here. Which means we’ve got then effectively just a single panel radiator. If you add these convecting fins, they get hot as well they get warmed up by the water and then do something very important which is adds surface area and therefore an area of heat to get omitted into the room. That’s the major advantage. So imagine instead of having a single panel here you had a single panel convecting radiator. So you’ve got extra BTU or British Thermal Units going into the room. Even better than that they’ve now decided or it’s very common now to get a double panel radiator. Where double panel radiators used to be just these 2 down here. Then they decided, right, let’s put a convector on that side. So now you have a double panel convecting radiator. These radiators are the radiators that will give out the most amount of BTU for any width or height of radiator. Obviously the longer the radiator and the higher it is the more BTU you’re going to give out. Other than that there is another type of radiator. You can have a double panel radiator with single convecting fins.That’s if you’ve got a kind of space problem, say in a hall or something like that. Thankfully in this hall here you’ve got enough space to fit this radiator in. So basically that’s the difference. I mean, the major advantage you have with a double convecting radiator or any kind of convector radiator is you’ll have more surface area for heat to be emitted into the room. That’s why they’re so much better. Generally this is a really simple subject. Hopefully we’ve helped you today to maybe decide what kind of radiator you need. If you need any help buying radiators or need any more information do visit our website at Thanks for watching and see you soon. Bye bye! Honest reviews and advice.

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