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This video covers the basics of fitting a shower rail or riser with head to the wall. Includes fitting to the wall and testing operation.

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Holla, and welcome to this week’s video. Today I’m going to show you exactly how to successfully install a shower rail and riser. That is the bit that actually holds the shower head on and has an adjustable height on it. We’ll tell you how to get it level, how a lot of them work, and also the things you should do before you put the rail in. The amount of people who put the rail on without actually putting the shower head clamp in is just insane. So let’s have an absolutely mental time and hold tight throughout the night. Hold tight!
Today, we’re looking at, as an example, is the Bristan Artisan shower. In the previous figure, we fitted the actual bar shower itself, and now we’re going to have a look at the shower riser. If you want to buy that shower or anything, just click on the link below. So, the first thing we do is collect all the decorative fascias off of everything and pop them to one side. You should then be left with just the underpart of the fascia just here. You’ve got your screw holes there. Now the ones I recommend you use are these ones here. Use the ones that have an adjustable kind of slot on them. Now, we have to decide where exactly you want to put your shower riser.
There’s the shower valve, now we’re going to put our riser just up here. Do a small mock up of the actual riser itself. Take it all in so it’s all fully and properly in place. To be honest, I’m a little bit short so I have to put it a bit higher for those people who are abnormally tall and generally, a lot more ugly. So we’re going to put this a bit higher up, just up here. Now what I usually tend to do is if the tile is really good, and the tile line is central, then you should be alright for your centres. If not, you’ll have to measure across from wherever to get a centre and then you’ll know exactly where you want to be. I’ll mark my hole just here,just here. I’m going to drill these in, get these in first. Because the tile is for this job, it’s actually been put onto a hard wood back, I know all I have to do is just drill through this bit of grout here and then I can actually put a wood screw in straight into the wood. Now you might not be so lucky. You might find you actually go on to a cavity wall or a brick wall, in which case, you’ll need to use the cavity plugs that they provide So always think about that first. Know what wall you go into, and as ever, make sure that there’s no wires or pipes or anything behind there. So now I’m just going to fix this bottom one in here first and then we’ll be able to get our level up and the height for the next bracket. Just nip the screws up lightly, not too tight, otherwise you might crack the plastic. Now I insert the bottom rail fully in, and then pop the top bracket in. Now we can do a quick mock up of where we want the holes to be. Because these actually lock down and clamp, you need to have the holes drilled and put in there properly before you actually think about putting your screws in. Now, as I said earlier on, I’ve got an actual line of tiles and grout to go on and I know that those are actually completely level. But, if you’re not sure, all you should do is get yourself a spirit level, pop that on each side, and move that over until you’ve actually got it completely level. And that proves that the guy that did the tile in here is an absolute legend, because it is completely level. Rare for a tiler, innit? Don’t get me wrong, I actually love tilers. We’ve got this in exactly the right place where we need it, and what I’ll do is just quickly mark the holes yet again. One just there, and one at the top there, and I’m just going to pop this off again and drill my holes ready for my screws. (drilling) One good bit of advice I could give you is if you’re actually drilling a tile, the good thing to do is use a masonry bit if you don’t have proper tile bits. Get yourself a masonry bit. Sometimes a little bit of Sellotape over the tile area that you’re going to cut just in case. And always cut with a masonry bit off-hammer. Don’t use hammer, because if you use hammer, you’re just going to spiral the tile to pieces. Let’s put the next bracket on, but before we do that, we actually have to put in each component of the shower rail itself onto the shower rail. So now, we’ll actually get our shower part here. First we put the actually shower head holder on and push that right to the top.

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