Pex Pipe Tips And Tricks Home Repipe ( Complete Video )πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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Plumbing With Pex Pipe

How to install pex pipe plumbing system. learn all the tricks and tips. Pex piping is the future of plumbing. In this video i will start you off with a lot of the basics of pex pipe instolation. We will use the red pex pipe for cold, and red pex pipe for hot. Well well be working with the pex pipe expander tool and pex plumbing fittings. Really hope you guys enjoy and get a lot out this video. There were so many times I wanted to put the video record up and just get the job don’t. This was not an easy job. The attic was very small hot and confined, But I’m glad I kept video recording because this is the real world and this are thing you can expect. all jobs are not going to be a perfect situation we have to take the good with the bad. Right?
In this video you we see firsthand on how to run pex pipe, how being creative can play a big part and the tools you will need to get the job done. First of all, I start the job out by looking around the home very closely studding all the possibly places to run the new pex pipe without creating a big mess or destroying things that are in the way that the costumer wants to save. Once we have an idea and the best approach. We start with the eases and most obvious and in this video for me it’s the laundry room. I’m starting off by making a little hole behind the washer were the hot and cold water is coming out the wall. I carefully cut around the hot can cold water faucet and drain giving me access behind the wall and exposing the old water lines and giving be idea on how I will run the new hot and cold water lines. As I work on this I’m constantly thinking of me next move and the best way to go about it. Then eventually the hard situation starts coming to me as long as I am keeping my self-busy with the easy part of the job.
Any job that I do such as this one re-pipe, working around many things that are in the way. You find it is not un-common to kind of jump around from one end of the house to the other. And remember I’m keeping the water to the house on as I’m working. I’m saying all that to say this. You will see me jump around from one project on this job to another to make it all work sometimes I may not have part I need, or the area I would like to work in may be occupied, but I can’t let that stop me are slow me down. I can get the part I need later are go back to the occupied are when convenient. But I continue to move on.
Please Read this is Very important. Thank you
Let me give you guys and idea of the type of pex pipe and fitting I’m using. Let’s start with the type of pex fitting I’m using. I use. And this is very important (Wirsbo Fitting AKA Ubonor) Please do not confuse this with Zurn Pex fitting. They do not use the same type of tool are connection. Not that I don’t recommend Zurn pex pipe fitting. I prefer (Wirsbo Fitting AKA Ubonor) I feel that they are much more durable and more so code approved. The opening on a Zurn fitting is not a true full size opening as the pipe and this is something plumbing codes require and the (Wirsbo Fitting AKA Ubonor) are true to the pipe size. And the Pex Pipe I use is (Aquapex) The blue and red. Red for hot blue for cold and you can even get it in white for plumbing. The color of the pipe only identifies what is running thru it. You don’t have to use the blue for cold are the red for hot. It just makes it easier to remember what’s what and what goes were.

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