San Jose Plumbing | Consumer Beware Tips | Part 1 Bad Pipes

Posted by in Plumber Talk, on March 20, 2018

San Jose Plumbing at exposes the top bad practices with Plumbers in San Jose and offers tips to avoid. Plumbing Repair for clogged pipes is a common problem due to using the wrong pipe materials. Make sure your pipe repairs follow the correct type of pipe material for new installs and repairs. Call for our free report How-to (hire a plumber in San Jose) 408-269-1969

Newpipes has built a strong reputation for plumbing repairs in San Jose that gets the job done right the first time. We don’t charge for repairs you don’t need or cut corners the reason our repairs last!. We are one of the the Bay Area’s most experienced companies in working with homeowners, home owner associations, large multi-family dwellings and Industrial Plumbing.

Services include:

San Jose Drain Cleaning
San Jose Sewer Cleaning
Leak Repairs
Highbred boilers
Tankless Water Heaters
Faucet Repair
Sink Repair
Toilet Repair
Drain Repair
Sewer Repair
Heating and cooling
Industrial Plumbing

Consumer Beware Video Tips

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